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Using The Flood Control Project Journal

Posted By SLCo Maps
April 12, 2016

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Engineers with SLCo’s Flood Control Engineering Division are working on 18 projects for the 2016 year. The division is responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of flood control structures and waterways throughout the county. Although the projects differ in scale and scope, they are underpinned by the same purpose - protecting people and improving water quality.

In addition to keeping people safe, the agency strives to keep the public informed through the use of its Flood Control Project Map. The map documents the status of projects under active construction and provides details about completed projects. Currently, the map contains information on 36 ongoing and completed projects.

"There’s a big push to get a lot of projects done this year. We like this map because it helps keep people informed about our progress both publicly and internally," said Alex Rudowski, GIS Specialist with the division. 

Using the map is simple. Users can enter their address to locate projects in their area or they can take a tour by scrolling through the list. As users scroll, the map will automatically zoom to the area where work is being completed.

For more information about a specific project please contact the Flood Control Engineering Division at (385)-468-6300.

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