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Get Information About GIS Data

Aerial Photography
Salt Lake County Surveyor's Office has various vintages of aerial photography ranging from the 1940's to present. To discuss  how to obtain aerial images please contact the Surveyor's Office.
Centerline/City Boundaries
For information on the street centerline or city boundaries for Salt Lake County, please contact  the Surveyor's Office.
Custom Maps
The Surveyor's Office is the primary department to obtain maps of the County. However, custom maps are also available from other agencies with GIS staff.  Numerous maps are available. If a pre-printed map does not meet your needs we can create a map based on your specific requirements. Map options include custom paper sizes and types, such as glossy photo paper, up to 60" wide. As mentioned, we also provide numerous pre-printed maps at our front desk that include the most requested features, such as municipalities, townships, hydrology, streets, etc.  Please contact their office for more information.
Download Digital Files of GIS Data
Many of the most commonly requested GIS layers that Salt Lake County maintains, such as Centerline, Cites, Control, and PLSS information  can be downloaded for free from our Open Data site. If you need more data sets not provided here or something more current, please contact the Surveyor's Office.
Public Works - Flood Control and Engineering maintains all hydrologic data for Salt Lake County. For more information about waterways, storm drains, the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer, or rainfall maps please contact their department.
Parcel Information
For further information about parcel data please contact the Recorder's Office and for information about property assessment contact the  Assessor's Office.
Voting Boundaries
The Clerk's Office maintains all voting GIS data for Salt Lake County. To find out more about voting precincts or any other political boundaries, please contact their office.
Zoning Maps
Planning and Development Services maintains the zoning information for Salt Lake County. To find out more about zoning in your area contact their office.

Salt Lake County Maps
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