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June 14, 2019

Flood Monitoring for Salt Lake County

Tina Brown, PIO - Email
Cell: 801-300-0042

Chloe Morroni - Email
Cell: 385-261-9301

Salt Lake County, UT – Several agencies are watching and monitoring the snow melt and potential flooding areas in Salt Lake County. Salt Lake County Engineering and Flood Control continues to remove debris from canals and grates and monitor water flows and levels. They have also “staged” thousands of sand bags in areas throughout the valley in case they are needed in the event of a flood.

“We want residents to enjoy our parks and canyons safely. Right now, streams are moving fast, and the water is cold. I am asking folks to please be careful around creeks and rivers. Be sure to keep a close eye on your kids and animals and don’t let them play too close to the water,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson.

Spring runoff safety tips from Salt Lake County Emergency Management and Unified Fire Authority.

  1. Tell someone where you are going, or go with a partner. Let someone know when you expect to return and leave a note on your dashboard.

  2. Be prepared. Inexperienced swimmers should always wear life jackets, even if they aren’t planning on getting in the water.

  3. Don’t forget the power of the current. The river is strong, remember the water is high during spring runoff.

  4. Know your surroundings and know what to do. Check the weather ahead of time. If you are caught in water, float feet-first in a half-sitting position.

  5. Reach or throw, Don’t Go. If someone is caught in water, reach out or throw something. Don’t go in the water yourself, or you may also be swept away. Call 911 as soon as possible.