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March 12, 2019

Mayor Jenny Wilson announces restructuring of Salt Lake County Government

Chloe Morroni - Email
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Salt Lake City, UT— Mayor Jenny Wilson today announced a reorganization that meets the current and future needs of Salt Lake County residents.  The reorganization is intended to embrace the expanding regional role of Salt Lake County and be more responsible to environmental concerns, growth, human service needs and housing affordability.

Mayor Wilson said, “Over the past few years, I have had a unique opportunity to meet hundreds of people on their doorsteps, most of them in Salt Lake County.  Our residents want clean air.  They want transportation options that get them to work on time.  They are concerned about quality and affordable housing and mostly, they are concerned about the health and safety of their family.  This new organization is aligned to address those challenges.”

Mayor Wilson complimented the excellent service of previous Mayor Ben McAdams. “Rep. McAdams left a strong organization and excellent staff. The new organization simply provides a better framework for addressing current and future challenges,” she said.

The revised organization (attached):

  • Streamlines management by changing the structure from four Deputy Mayors to three.

This provides management efficiencies and further clarity within the overall structure.

  • Prioritizes the County’s regional role by creating a new service line focused on regional services:

With the County’s decreasing unincorporated area, the County’s role as a regional government is clearer than ever. This office will focus on excellent regional services including transportation, housing affordability, regional planning, canyon management, public works and environmental impacts.  This office will also focus on economic change in our County with an expanding tech sector and the new inland port.

  • Elevates environmental concerns by including a new office of environmental services:

Providing a greater focus on air quality, sustainability, open space and the Wasatch Canyons.

  • Integrates economic development under the same management structure for planning, transportation and housing:

Advancing good growth management practices and address our changing economy. Additionally, areas in Salt Lake County faced with unique concerns or limited prosperity will have additional coordinated support to address their unique needs through coordinated planning and resources.

  • Moves criminal justice services to the same service line as human services and homeless services:

Enabling greater focus between criminal justice services and human services supporting the alignment of quality of life, public safety, and healthy communities.

  • Human resources will move to the service line under the Chief Financial Officer:

Providing greater efficiency and collaboration by streamlining internal services together. Additionally, employees will benefit by shifting benefit and payroll services with financial services.

Wilson said, “I love this county and want to assure its amazing quality of life remain available to future generations.  With growth, we need to fight to preserve our access to open space, our recreation and our excellent quality of life.  This new organization will enable Salt Lake County to serve its residents with greater focus and efficiency and address quality of life concerns.”

Mayor Wilson will hold her “State of the County” address on March 26 and introduce her senior leadership team to the County Council, seeking “advice and consent” of the Council as required.  Additional information on her plans will be released that day.