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December 19, 2019

Public hearings set for Olympia Hills development

Nicholas Rupp - Email

New standards set for project, which has a proposed 25 year build out

Salt Lake City, UT - Public Hearings have been set for the proposed Olympia Hills development located in southwest unincorporated Salt Lake County (SLCo). The public will have the opportunity to evaluate the agreements associated with the development, design standards, Traffic Impact Study and executive summaries beginning on December 19, 2019, at Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD) staff and SLCo will present the application review on January 7, 2020, and public hearings have been set for January 14 at 6:00 p.m. and January 28 at 4:00 p.m. The public hearings will be held at Salt Lake County Government Center, 2001 South State Street, in Suite #N1-100 (Council Chambers).

“We are releasing the information well in advance of the public hearings in order to give the public ample time to review and ask questions regarding this application,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson. The revised application for the Olympia Hills development was submitted to the County in June 2019. Since the receipt of the revised application, Salt Lake County and MSD have been busy evaluating the development, conducting studies to determine its impacts, and creating specific planning standards to ensure the proposed plan aligns with the greater community vision for the area.

The revised application review for the 933-acre proposed development has been a collaborative effort between the MSD, independent consultants and various departments of Salt Lake County. Staff focused efforts on review of traffic impacts and mitigation, design standards, regional compatibility, jobs, economy, sustainability, parks, trails, open space and affordable housing.

Three ordinances (General Plan amendment, PC Zone approval, and PC Zone Plan/Master Development Agreement approval) are required. The Master Development Agreement (MDA), and the accompanying Design Standards (DS) describe the general conditions and requirements of the development. There was a direct effort within both the MDA and the DS to address the concerns from Mayor Wilson, County Council Members and residents.

The following are highlights from the Master Development Agreement and Design Standards:

Traffic Mitigation – The developer completed a Traffic Impact Study with proposed recommended improvements to mitigate the impact of traffic on the surrounding roadways. Salt Lake County is requiring the developer to construct all traffic improvements within the planned community, plus pay their proportionate share of the cost for traffic improvements outside of the planned community. At each Community Structure Plan (CSP) submittal, Salt Lake County will require a new Traffic Impact Study that will propose specific improvements that address the phase of development being built. Salt Lake County will not approve a CSP (needed before subdivisions can be recorded or building permits can be issued) until identified traffic mitigation issues have been addressed.

Design Standards – Planning standards can be found within the DS. The DS sets specific requirements for place types and land uses, street network, street types and design, parks, trails, open space, site design, buildings and architecture, landscape and sustainability.

Parks and Open Space – Salt Lake County has set a standard of 5 acres of parks per 1,000 residents. Requirements of at least 20% of acreage is to be dedicated towards open space and parks. Park highlights include a 50-acre regional park, four 10-acre community parks, and a park within a quarter (1/4) mile of every doorstep. Open space highlights include streams, walking trails and park connectivity.

For more information and access to related documents on the Olympia Hills proposal, go to: