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Salt Lake County is Welcoming!

Salt Lake County is the first-ever "Certified Welcoming County," though we didn't need a certificate to tell us what we already knew!


Refugees & New Americans

  • Salt Lake County has welcomed and continues to welcome refugees from around the world seeking a better quality of life. As these new residents enrich our community, the Salt Lake County Mayor's Office for New Americans focuses on providing support as they settle into their new lives.

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Diversity & Inclusion

  • Diversity is the thread that weaves together any successful community and the Mayor’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion takes active steps within our county to train and advocate for a more inclusive community.

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Cities & Townships

  • Salt Lake County is a patchwork of cities and townships with their own identity and community. Mayor Wilson is committed to helping these communities thrive and grow our quality of life that brings people to visit and live in Salt Lake County.


Support to Those in Need

  • Economic opportunity is the first step towards being on a path of self-reliance. Whether it's housing for those experiencing homelessness or grants for new poverty-relief programs, Mayor Wilson is committed to providing a path for self-sufficiency.