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Redevelopment Agency

Being the most populous county in the state, decisions made by Salt Lake County have a significant impact on the continued prosperity of the State.  The use of scarce public resources—specifically the use of funds from redevelopment project areas—should be focused on encouraging economic development, fostering healthy communities, and supporting sustainable regional development to ensure a thriving metropolitan economy with a small-town feel.  The County supports collaborative community led efforts to effectively manage commercial and residential development, and redevelopment, to meet the robust growth anticipated in our valley.

What is a Redevelopment Agency?
A Redevelopment Agency—also known as an Agency, Community Development and Renewal Agency and, more recently, Community Reinvestment Agency—is a governmental entity that works to identify and redevelop distressed areas within its jurisdiction.  In short, a Redevelopment Agency redirects property taxes (and less commonly, sales taxes) to incentivize development in otherwise neglected areas.  This is often done through tax increment financing (“TIF) whereby an Agency designates select geographic areas in its jurisdiction known as a “project area” from which tax increment (and sometimes sales taxes) will be collected and used to revitalize the area.  A Redevelopment Agency will work closely with “taxing entities” that levy a tax within the project area—such as a county, city, school district, or special services district—to determine what development activity should occur in the project area as well as the amount of tax increment that each taxing entity will contribute to the Agency over a certain period of time to carry out the planned development activity.
Redevelopment Agencies in Salt Lake County

Most cities in Salt Lake County, as well as Salt Lake County itself, have established a Redevelopment Agency.  A Redevelopment Agency is a legal entity separate and apart from the municipality or county that established it.  The governing board of a Redevelopment Agency is comprised of the current members of the community legislative body.  Thus, for a Redevelopment Agency established by a municipality, the governing board is comprised of members of the city council. For a redevelopment established by a county the governing board is comprised of members of the county council or county commission (depending on the form of county government).

To contact a specific Redevelopment Agency within Salt Lake County, visit Salt Lake County's Regional Economic Development website.

Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake County
Salt Lake County has established a Redevelopment Agency known as the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake County (the “County RDA”).  The County RDA performs or manages redevelopment activities within unincorporated Salt Lake County and can, via agreement or statute, provide services within Metro Townships or other municipalities located within Salt Lake County.  The governing board of the County RDA is comprised of the same individuals who serve on the Salt Lake County Council.

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