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Refugee Family Childcare & Kindergarten Ready Program


To work with refugee family childcare providers, the children they care for, and community partners to understand and enhance the quality of childcare to help children be ready to learn when they enter kindergarten.


  • Salt Lake County Office for New Americans and Refugees
  • Care About Childcare
  • Utah State Office of Childcare
  • Utah State University
  • Waterford University
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement 
  • American Express

Project Scope:

Develop and sustain partnerships that increase access to quality childcare and quality early childhood education for lower income/refugee families.

  1. Identify 5-10 Refugee Family Childcare providers and support them with a combination of three evidence-based resources.
  2. In-Person Coaching - Connecting them with a Program Coach who can empower them to advance the quality of their childcare, understand and implement the concepts of school readiness, and connect them with additional resources.
  3. Technology - Providing them with a technology-based school readiness program, Upstart, to implement with the children in their care.
  4. Peer to Peer Support - Providing them with supplemental support such as peer-to-peer networking with other pilot program participants as well as opportunities to network with providers who are certified in the HQSR program.
  5. Assisting partners and Refugee Family Childcare providers by translating the  HQSR Indicators and the 40 hour HQSR curriculum into refugee specific languages.
  6. Tracking progress and outcomes of the children in the pilot program by measuring kindergarten readiness and utilization of special education resources from kindergarten through third grade.


Refugee Home-based Childcare Providers


Ze Min Xiao (Zee)
Office for New Americans and Refugees