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February 2, 2016

New dashboard shows public how county government is working, spending tax dollars

Michelle Schmitt - Email

Salt Lake County, UT— Mayor Ben McAdams has unveiled the county’s new Dashboard – a website tool that allows the public to track progress on a wide range of county services in the metro area. The name – Salt Lake MetroStat—refers in part to all the statistics tracked by the county to measure progress on health, safety, the economy and public works.

“It’s fitting we unveiled our new dashboard on Groundhog Day, since with the dashboard, we’re taking the hit-or-miss approach out of the equation,” said McAdams. “Thanks to the data we’re collecting and analyzing, we can benchmark where we are today and measure how close we’re getting to our goals.”

McAdams said dashboards are common in the business world, but less so in government. He said Salt Lake County joins a group of innovative metro area elected officials who are using data to measure the results of how they are spending taxpayer dollars and whether spending is producing the desired outcomes. The dashboard provides transparency and accountability.

When residents were asked what they’d most like to see displayed on the dashboard, they talked about the condition of local roads, maintenance of county facilities, air quality, and how tax dollars in general are used by Salt Lake County. McAdams said Salt Lake Metro Stat’s information is organized in four broad categories –healthy people, healthy places, expanded opportunities and responsive government. Behind each category is a series of goals and an explanation about which indicators the county is tracking. Results are displayed in real time and new goals and metrics will be added over time. The web address for the dashboard is

“We’re eager for the public to take a look at the dashboard and to let us know how they think we’re doing and where they think we can improve. As public servants, we’re committed to fulfilling our responsibilities and we welcome this opportunity to show how we’re accountable for spending taxpayer dollars,” said McAdams.