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November 3, 2018

Local Authors Connect, Learn and Sign the ‘Big Book’ at County Library’s Author Convention

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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah—Robin Glassey has a not-so-originally named “big book.”

Since 2014, she has carried the 30-pound, leather-bound behemoth (see photo “CountyLibrary_LocalAuthors1.jpg”) from convention to presentation to workshop, using it to collect autographs from authors and those she meets whose work she admires.

“It’s my ‘big book’—real original, right?” the local author said of her nearly six-inch thick book. “One of my favorite things about this book, people get excited about it because it’s so big. I like to use it to help people get excited about reading and writing.”

Glassey, who has written more than a half-dozen young-adult fantasy novels, also serves as the president of the Herriman Chapter of the League of Utah Writers. It is a mixture of those two interests, plus her drive to connect with community members, that led her to participate in Local Authors and You at the County Library’s Viridian Event Center on Saturday.

“I’m by nature, a shy person. This gives me the opportunity to have a conversation starter,” Glassey said. “It’s just fun, and this is something that gets people excited.”

Glassey also participated in a five-member panel discussion to help aspiring authors publish their own works, and she led a writing workshop that taught the fundamentals of story hooks and how authors can use them to make their writing more interesting.

Participants at the convention were able to hear from five panel discussions and a score of writing workshops, each with a unique emphasis to help aspiring authors break into the industry, or raise established authors to a new plane of storytelling. The kickoff and reception let attendees hear a three-way debate titled “Battle of the Genres,” on Friday, in which a trio of local authors made a case for which genre of book is the overall best—fantasy defeated science fiction and horror.

Convention attendees also had the opportunity to purchase books, connect with local writing groups, share tricks of the trade, meet more than 60 local authors and, of course, sign Glassey’s big book. 

“Most of the signatures are everyday people, because everybody has a story,” Glassey said. “This book helps me talk to them and help them discover it, so they can write their own stories.”

Other signatures include big-name authors like Brandon Mull and James Dashner; as well as Gail Halvorsen (a World War II pilot nicknamed the Berlin Candy Bomber); television and movie actors; and elementary- and middle-school students she presents to at various school assemblies.

Her first signature is perhaps her most-prized, from fellow author Brandon Sanderson, who has become something of a legend among his fellow Utah-based authors for his work on, along with other things, the ever-popular Wheel of Time series. His personalized note reads:

“I write big books, but this is by far the biggest I have signed.”

For more information about other free writing workshops, author visits and the many programs available at the County Library, please visit

What: Local Authors & You
When: Saturday, November 3, Noon-6 pm
Where: Library’s Viridian Event Center, 803 S 1825 W

What: Battle of the Genres
When: Friday, November 2, 7 pm
Where: Library’s Viridian Event Center, 803 S 1825 W


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