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January 11, 2021

Elected Leaders to ceremoniously “open” Canyon Centre Parking Garage January 14th

Tim Beery - Email

(COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS) — Elected leaders from Cottonwood Heights, along with Salt Lake County officials and members of the Central Wasatch Commission will host a Zoom conference and Facebook live stream event to ceremoniously “open” the new Canyon Centre Parking Structure located along the southwest corner of Wasatch Blvd. and 7000 South. The ceremony will begin both virtually and an in-person tour will coincide at 4:30 p.m. on January 14th beginning at Eight Settlers Restaurant and Distillery, located at 7321 South, Canyon Centre Pkwy, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121.
The Canyon Centre is a mixed-use development consisting of up-scale restaurants, a hotel (slated to open in February 2021), single family homes, a future apartment building, and a future Class A office building. The space was developed through a public/private partnership to help provide more public parking for recreationalists who use Big Cottonwood Canyon. The parking garage provides up to 278 public parking stalls on weekends and holidays, over 200 stalls on weekday evenings, and 80 public parking stalls during weekday business hours.
“As the ‘City between the Canyons’, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our recreational experience, and one challenge we face is congestion and limited parking for those who recreate in the Cottonwood Canyons,” said Cottonwood Heights Mayor Mike Peterson.
“One goal for this project was to help alleviate some of that pressure, and by providing the availability of up to 278 additional parking stalls on weekends, this structure will assist in decreasing canyon-related congestion. We encourage recreationalists to take advantage of these stalls and use mass transit to make their way up the canyons.”
The parking stalls are located on the lower level of the garage and accessed on the north end of the Canyon Centre project. These these new stalls will increase the parking inventory at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon by nearly 300 percent.
"On behalf of the Central Wasatch Commission, I'd like to thank CW Management and CWC member jurisdiction Cottonwood Heights for partnering on the Canyon Centre parking structure and providing up to 278 parking spaces available to canyon users to carpool and use mass transit to decrease canyon related traffic congestion,” said Central Wasatch Commission Chair Chris Robinson.
“The private/public partnership between Canyon Centre Capital LLC and the city of Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake County and the State of Utah serves as an example of the progress possible for resolving transportation and congestion issues in the Central Wasatch Mountains."
Robinson will be on hand during the virtual event to answer questions via Zoom, along with Cottonwood Heights officials and Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson.
“Salt Lake County is committed to long-term solutions to the transportation, congestion and air quality issues associated with our Wasatch Canyons,” said Wilson.
“This public-private partnership is a big step in addressing the traffic congestion that plagues our Canyons and the surrounding neighborhoods. By providing an alternative option to single vehicle occupancy, the garage will help enhance the visitor experience, alleviate inconvenience for local residents and reduce emissions.”