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April 5, 2021

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson Issues Statement Encouraging Mask Wearing to Continue Regardless of Mandate

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Salt Lake City, UT – “Let’s not lose the game in the 8th inning,” “Let’s not spike the ball before the end-zone,” or in honor of tonight’s college basketball final, “Let’s not walk off the court before the shot goes in.” All of these statements relate to ending mask wearing too soon.  I know we are fatigued but let’s not give up.


Science and the CDC continue to emphasize the importance of mask wearing as a means to minimize the spread of COVID-19.


Later this week, Salt Lake County’s Health Department and Council will determine if a mask mandate continues in Salt Lake County.


Regardless of their decision, Salt Lake County residents should continue to wear masks while in public until many more of our residents receive the vaccine and we are closer to herd immunity.  Businesses, large and small, should continue the requirement as well.


At most, only 32% of Salt Lake County residents are immune, and children will not be able to receive the vaccine for months. There is still risk to those not vaccinated. 


We are closing in on the end of this challenge. Let’s live what we all know works and continue to wear masks until our workers and kids get vaccinated or until herd immunity is reached.”


Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County Mayor