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April 30, 2020

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson Signs Salt Lake County Health Order Reopening Guidance consistent with Governor’s Utah Leads Together 2.0 Plan

Tina Brown - Email
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Salt Lake County –  Today Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson and Salt Lake County Health Department Executive Director Gary Edwards signed a 5th COVID-related county public health order to allow for a phased reopening of formerly closed businesses and services. This county public health order and phased reopening plan, called Salt Lake County Together, aligns with the State’s Utah Leads Together 2.0 plan.

While Mayor Wilson and Gary Edwards released many of the order’s specifics at a press conference yesterday, the new public health order includes the following clarifications:

  • Personal service customers will not be required to wear face coverings. While the Governor’s latest Phased Guidelines document says “Both service providers and clients wear face coverings,” the new order requires face coverings or masks only for any individual acting in the capacity as an employee of the personal service business.

  • Employees in all businesses, including retail (not just businesses reopening tomorrow), are required to wear a face covering if they interact directly with customers OR if they cannot consistently maintain 6 feet of social distance from other employees. If their work is not with the public and they are not within 6 feet of coworkers, a face covering is not required.

  • "No team or group activities" under "Gyms & Fitness Centers" is clarified to prohibit group classes (including yoga) and congregate-style fitness centers such as Cross-Fit. Fitness is meant to be individual in nature under the “orange” phase.

  • Swimming pools are open for lap swimming only; no open plunge, no swimming lessons. If a recreational pool wants to add lanes and allow lap swimmers, that is acceptable.

Health officials urge Salt Lake County residents to continue wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing.

Edwards cautions that the county will need to continue to lift the public health order gradually to avoid creating the potential for a spike in disease transmission.

“In order to prevent an additional wave of illnesses, we will need to continue to ease the restrictions in phases so we don’t undo the weeks of progress we’ve made,” he said.

“We may be living with this virus for a long time, so we need to remain diligent in our efforts to social distance, telework if possible and wear face coverings while in public,” said Mayor Wilson.