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Before And After School

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This program is offered year-round and accommodates children, ages Kindergarten to 6th grade, from schools in the Rose Park and surrounding areas.

The facility will be open to kindergarten and school aged children while Salt Lake School District is conducting remote learning.  When schools reopen physically, Northwest Community Learning Center will be equipped to provide transportation, but keep in mind, space will likely be limited

We transport children to and/or from school.  A variety of schools are available for transportation.  Please speak with Kathy or Tammy to see if your child's school is a current pick up and drop off site. 

We provide Kindergarten-6th grade students breakfast in the morning and an afternoon snack.  Lunch is also provided for school-age children on days when school is not in session such as holidays, and spring/winter break. 

While children are at our facility, we will provide them with a variety of recreational activities which promote their physical, emotional, social, and creative skills development.  Activities children will participate in include arts & crafts, games, sports, computer time, music classes, literacy program, and much more! We will also provide wireless internet and spaces for remote learning meetings and homework. Our caregivers are not certified teachers or tutors, but they can facilitate the learning process and assist to their best ability.

Violin and guitar lessons are currently unavailable but we will let you know when spaces reopen.

So as to protect the health of all children, the staff, and your family at the center, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are not able to admit children who are ill.  If your child has a communicable disease, a persistent cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, diarrhea or any other condition that would prevent them from participating in normal daily activities, please keep them at home.

Contact Northwest for registration availability.


Monthly: $415

Jon-Marc Muntz

(385) 468-1331 / Email

Tammy Schiwal-Huerta

(385) 468-1329 / Email

Northwest Community Center
1255 Clark Avenue  
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone: (385) 468-1305

Located at 300 N