• Questions & Answers

    Questions requesting clarification or additional information about the competition should be sent to ontheriversedge@slco.org. Questions will be accepted until May 23, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

    The organizers reserve the right to answer similar questions from multiple Entrants at once and to edit the language of questions for clarity.

    Are teams required to provide ideas for all five geographic segments?

    Teams can submit ideas in one or more geographic segments or present ideas that span the entirety of the competition area. The segments are provided to break up the relatively large competition area into manageable subareas. 

    The information provided that describes the segments includes a link to the current land use and zoning in the area. Are teams expected to maintain those designations or can they recommend changes?

    Teams can recommend changes to land use and zoning if those changes are integral to your idea(s).

    Can you share photos of the Competition Area?

    In the menu bar along the top of the Web-based Interactive Map, you’ll find a link to an ESRI story map named, “Jordan River Picture Tour.”

    Please clarify the boundaries of the Surplus Canal Left and Right Bank Levees.

    From the Competition Area Segment Map descriptions - Army Corps of Engineers (Salt Lake County Stormwater manages permitting) – The Surplus Canal Left and Right Bank Levees, SR 201 to Millcreek Confluence where it forks east to 600 West and west along the southern border of the Redwood Nature Preserve (1300 West).

    This snipped image from the Baseline Map highlights in yellow the levee boundaries.

    • The North border- begins at SR 201 (The levy does go further north into Glendale Golf Course, managed by Salt Lake City).
    • Moving south - On the edges of the rivers blue line, you’ll see yellow on both the east and west sides of the river.
    • East side of river - the levy follows the river all the way to where it forks and you see “Mill Creek.” The levy moves east and ends half way up the border of Central Valley Water.
    • West side of river - the levy goes west at the Mill Creek confluence. The levy continues west on the south border of the Redwood Nature Center, all the way to the deep dark line which is the end boundary for the competition area.

    What file formats are the maps provided in?

    Maps are provided in a web-based interactive format located here. On the right side of the page, in the content box, users will see various formats highlighted in blue.