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Application Process

Project Selection Criteria

The Trust Fund committee considers a wide range of values, public benefits, and location when making recommendations. The Committee is striving to develop a diverse portfolio of critical lands for the public and future generations. The committee considers:

Cost: the terms of the acquisition will allow the County to maximize its assets and leverage the Trust Fund through landowner donations, discounts, funding partnerships, and donations

Community Benefit: the project will be beneficial to local communities and the County at large

Conservation: the project protects lands that are important for ecological health and function

Human Renewal: projects have scenic and aesthetic values and provide respite, renewal, and solitude

Connectivity: the project will add to the existing or planned open space system and enhance ecological, hydrological, and recreational vitality

Stewardship: the project will be protected in perpetuity and its open space conservation values will be preserved through good management and enforcement

Feasibility: the project is for land that is largely or entirely in an undisturbed and natural state and will be maintained as such




A Note to Interested Applicants

The Salt Lake County Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Committee considers applications from municipalities, special districts, companies, and individuals. These applications will assist the committee and the County in acquiring, protecting, preserving, and conserving open space land located in Salt Lake County for the enjoyment of County residents and the public at large.

Review the Definition of Open Space and Evaluation Criteria. Your open space project must meet all of the threshold criteria.

Complete the pre-application. The Committee will review your request and decide if your open space project meets all of the threshold criteria. The committee will rank the projects. You may be requested to complete Part 2 of the application and continue the review process.

The acceptance and review of any application does not guarantee approval or funding of any request. The Committee will make a recommendation to the Mayor and County Council. The Mayor and County Council will decide if a request is funded.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, pending funding availability.

If you have questions about the application, review process, or whether your project qualifies, please contact Walt Gilmore at 385-468-1808.

For open space operations and/or to report maintenance issues, please contact Patrick Leary at (385) 468-1844.