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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start taking reservations?

We begin taking reservations for County park pavilions and Millcreek Canyon group sites on the first business day of January at 8:00 am. On that day, reservations are only taken online or in-person at the Salt Lake County Park Operations building (card, check, or exact amount of cash only).


Reservations for Sugar House Park will begin on the first business day of March at 8:00 am. On that day, reservations are only taken online or in-person at the Salt Lake County Park Operations building (card, check, or exact amount of cash only).


The Salt Lake County Park Operations building address is 6332 S. Airport Road, West Jordan, UT 84084. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at (385) 468-7275.

What dates can we reserve park pavilions? What dates can we reserve Millcreek Canyon picnic areas?
Park pavilions may be reserved from May 1 through September 30 except for the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Pioneer Day and Labor Day.
Millcreek Canyon group sites may be reserved from June 1 through September 30.
Why do you start taking reservations at Sugar House Park so late?
Sugar House Park is a popular venue for holding special events. During January and February the Sugar House Park Authority approves and allocates dates and space for the special events.
What are the important dates to know for making reservations at the Big Water Yurt in Millcreek Canyon?
Drawings are no longer held for yurt reservations.  Reservations can be made online and open the first business day in November.
When do the bathrooms open for the season?

Park bathrooms are open from May 1 through September 30.   

Is alcohol or smoking allowed in the parks?
No alcohol, smoking, or vaping (e-cigarettes) are allowed in County Parks except at Canyon Rim, Magna Copper and Pleasant Green.  Alcohol is allowed in Millcreek Canyon.
Are yard sales, school carnivals, or other fund-raising activities allowed in the parks?
Money is not to be exchanged in County Parks. Also, these types of activities generally generate excessive vehicle traffic and parking problems. There are a few carefully controlled exceptions such as a city-wide celebration.
Can we hook up a hose for water? Can we have a slip-n-slide? Can we have a dunking booth?
Other than drinking fountains and water in rest rooms, no water is available. The County discourages excessive use of water at its parks.
Can we bring an inflatable jump house to the park?
  • Inflatables are allowed 
  • We require a $250 refundable deposit and your inflatable installer must contact our office for placement information 
  • You must provide your own generator
  • No water-filled jump houses are allowed 
  • Inflatables at Sugar House Park do not require a deposit
Can we set up a reception tent? Can we put up a canopy?
  • Yes
  • If the tent is large enough to require staking into the grass, a $250 refundable deposit is required and the installer must contact our office for placement information
  • For canopies that don't require staking deeper that 6 inches into the ground, no deposit is required
For a wedding or other event, can we set up chairs or tables on the grass near our rented pavilion?
Are there BBQ grills in the parks? Can we bring a BBQ grill to the park?
Generally speaking, you should bring your own BBQ grill. Each pavilion at Sugar House Park has grills, as do the reservable picnic areas in Millcreek Canyon.
Are there lights and electrical outlets at the pavilions?
All reservable pavilions have lights and electrical outlets except for the ones at Crestwood, David Gourley, and Tanner. There are no electrical facilities in Millcreek Canyon.
Are fireworks allowed in parks?
Fireworks and explosives are prohibited in county parks without a special event permit obtained from the mayor.
Why aren't the walks inside the parks cleared of snow?
There are no services in our parks from October 1 through April 30. The County is required to clear the snow from park frontage walks, but doesn't have the resources to clear the walks inside the parks, especially in heavy snow years.