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CATNIP awarded projects

In 2017

Projects awarded in 2017.  

Local Government Project Assistance Amount
Cottonwood Heights  Buffered bike lanes on 2300 E from Big Cottonwood Canyon Road to Bengal Blvd. and bike lanes on Fort Union Blvd. from 2300 East to Wasatch Blvd.  $ 198,500
Emigration Metro Township Signing and striping of 9 miles in Emigration Canyon from Rotary Park to SR-65  $ 90,000
Kearns Metro Township Provide wayfinding and bike route directions for Kearns Metro Township with pavement markings, signage and striping $ 10,000
Kearns Metro Townships 

Study to determine solution to pedestrian crossing of railroad to access Northwest Avenue/Salem Avenue around Kearns High School (south side) from 4800 West 

$ 20,000 
Kearns Metro Township 

Study to determine optimal design for active transportation facility along 5415 S between Northwest Avenue to Cougar Lane (4800 W) 

$ 25,000 
Magna Metro Township Canal Trail wayfinding from 7200 S to 800 W    $ 15,000 
Millcreek  Add bike lane on Jupiter Loop from 3900 S to Brockbank Drive (4450 S) $ 20,000 
Millcreek Construct Neighborhood byway from Melbourne Street/Honeycutt Road from Siggard Drive    $ 30,000 
Millcreek Separate bike lane near I-215; neighborhood byway markings with signage    $ 20,000 
Milcreek Add Neighborhood byway markings and signage on Siggard Drive from 2000 E to Highland Drive    $ 20,000
Riverton Citywide bike signage and striping as identified in the Riverton City Active Transportation Plan    $ 16,500 
Riverton Design, installation of traffic signal, signage/striping, and possible minor road widening at the "S Curve" (13750 S 1300 W)    $ 90,000 
West Jordan Protected bike lanes and signage on 1300 W from Winchester Drive to 9400 S   $ 115,200
West Valley City  Citywide wayfinding on existing bike routes    $ 27,500 

In 2016

Projects awarded in 2016. 

Local Government Project Assistance Amount
Cottonwood Heights  Construction of unfinished portion of Big Cottonwood Trail; 3477 East to 3509 East on Big Cottonwood Canyon Road   $ 250,000
Murray Design of facility on 500 West/Riverside Drive/Murray Blvd/700 West between 4050 South to 6400 (Winchester Street) South; construction of bikeway from 5400 South to 6400 South $ 132,590
Millcreek Signing, striping and thermoplastic markings to establish bike safety advisory lanes at 3900 South and Wasatch Blvd. $ 16,653
Millcreek/Salt Lake City

Study to determine optimal route between Brickyard Plaza and Sugar House Central Business District on either Richmond Street (1300 East) or Highland Drive 

$ 42,200

Bicycle roadway signing and striping on Misty Way from 5400 South to 6200 South and Northwest Avenue from 5400 South to 5780 South

$ 70,000


In 2015

Projects awarded in 2015.  

Local Government Project Assistance Amount
Bluffdale Buffered bike lanes on 2700 W between 14400 S to 15000 S; bike lanes on 14400 S between 3200 W and Redwood Road $ 20,000
Holladay Feasibility study for bikeway on Murray-Holladay Road between 900 E and Holladay Blvd./2300 E $ 25,000
Kearns  Bike lanes and buffered bike lanes on Cougar Lane and Northwest Avenue between 4100 S and 6200 S $ 50,000
Magna  Shoulder on bikeway 3100 S between 8400 W and 7200 W; signal detection at the 3100 S/8400 W intersection $ 25,000
Millcreek  Protected bike lanes on Main Street between Big Cottonwood Creek and 3900 S $ 55,000
Murray  Bike lands an shared lane markings on Vine Street between 900 E and Van Winkle; shared lane markings on 5900 S between State Street and 900 E $ 25,000
Riverton  Buffered bike lanes on 2700 W between 11800 S and Bangerter  $ 58,000
Salt Lake City Protected intersection at 200 W/300 S    $ 75,000
Salt Lake County, Parks & Recreation Bluffdale: RRFB-enhanced crossing, Jordan River Trail near 1300 W
Salt Lake City: PRATT Trail tunnel beneath 2300 E
South Salt Lake: PRATT Trail crossing at 300 W
White City: At-grade trail crossing of Sego Lily Drive
$ 32,000
$ 125,000
$ 89,000
$ 25,000
South Salt Lake Design of PRATT Trail segment from State Street to 300 W    $ 25,000
White City Bike lanes on Sego Lily Drive between 700 E and 1300 E    $ 20,000

In 2014

Projects awarded in 2014. 

Local Government Project Assistance Amount
Bluffdale Bike lanes on 2700 W from Bangerter to 14400 S $ 25,000
Holladay  Miscellaneous marked/signed bike routes throughout the city $ 80,000


Bike detection at 9 signals on 3900 S between 500 W and Wasatch Blvd. $ 50,000
Murray  Bike lanes and shared lanes on Vine Street from Cottonwood Street to 900 E $ 60,000
Salt Lake City Bike lanes and shared lanes on Sunnyside from 1300 E to Foothill Drive; protected bike lanes on 300 S from 300 W to 600 E  $ 145,000
Sandy Bike lanes on 11400 S between State Street and 1700 E   $ 152,000
South Jordan  Bike lanes on Daybreak Pkwy between Bangerter and Oquirrh Lake Road and on Shields Lane between Redwood Road and Jordan Gateway $ 120,359
South Salt Lake  Bike lanes on 2700 S between 300 W and 500 E; PRATT Trail crossing at 300 W $ 135,000
West Jordan  Bikes lanes on 2700 W between 6800 S and 9400 S, on 4800 W between 6200 S and 10000 S, on Jordan Landing Blvd between 7000 S and 7800 S, and on 4000 W between 7800 S and 9400 S $ 47,000