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Submit an Enforcement Request or Zoning Complaint Online

Unincorporated Salt Lake County

  • An information form must be completed in order to register an enforcement request with our office.
  • Once the request is received an assessment will be conducted.
  • If there is a violation a notice will be issued and the owner of the property will be given a set time to resolve the problem.
  • Email photos to

Question(s) about an ongoing violation?
Please call the Enforcement Coordinator, 385-468-6689, or email  Code Enforcement.

Keep in mind that this office enforces zoning compliance only for unincorporated Salt Lake County. You will be notified of the correct city to contact about a complaint if the reported address is located outside the unincorporated boundary of the County. Links are listed below.

The following information is required for an inspection to be scheduled.

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*Exact Street Address of the Problem or Violation:
Front Number Directional Street Name/Number Street Type Suite
*Violation type:
Building Business License Weeds Zoning Other
* Briefly describe the problem (include case number if applicable):
    For example: junk, more than one unregistered vehicle, setback violation, building without a permit, illegal duplex, etc.

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May we contact you? If we need more details about the complaint we ask that you provide the following information. In accordance to Salt Lake County’s privacy policy it is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

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