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Rashelle Hobbs
Salt Lake County Recorder

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data services overview

Data Services is a subscription service that provides property record searches including owner of record, parcel number history, property legal descriptions, recorded documents, tract index, chain of title, recorded subdivision maps, and plat maps.

Our Data Services subscription service is undergoing changes to streamline and improve accessibility, account management, and customer service.

Available Information

Recorded document images are typically available by the next working day.

  • County Ownership Plats
  • Recorded Subdivision Plats
  • County Mainframe Records (include): 
    • County Appraisal Data
    • Real Property Tax Information
    • Tax Assessment Information.

Subscription Service

Beginning in January 2023, Data Services will operate on an annual tiered subscription service for our larger data users. My office will also begin to offer a free limited web browser (for viewing a list of records associated with an address/parcel number) and a 24-hr full access token for $5 (plus service fees). All options will be available on our website.

The tiers were calculated based on average data usage and the corresponding invoices incurred by our customers.

Data Services Pricing

$5 24-Hour Access

  • Includes full access for 24 hours.
Tiered Pricing - Annual Purchase of Data Allotment

Tier 1 - $300 per year

  • Includes full access for accounts using up to 14,999 data units.

Tier 2 - $750 per year

  • Includes full access for accounts using more than 15,000 up to 44,999 data units.

Tier 3 - $2,100 per year

  • Includes full access for accounts using more than 45,000 up to 119,999 data units.

Tier 4 - $5,000 per year

  • Includes full access for accounts using more than 120,000 up to 199,999 data units. 

Tier 5 - Custom Tiers

  • For our large customers using 200,000+ data units per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Accessibility

If you cannot get into your existing Data Services account AND you purchased a new tiered subscription in 2023, please email

If you purchased a $5 token for 24-hours of access and cannot get logged in, please email the above address. Make sure you are clicking "$5 24-Hour Access Login" and not the standard login button.

Q. Payment

Payment for Data Services is exclusively online by credit/debit card.

Q. New Accounts

If you only need occasional access to Salt Lake County Recorder data, navigate to Data Services from our homepage and click the button to the right labeled, "$5 24-Hour Access Login." You will be sent login credentials good for full access for 24 hours.

If you want consistent access for the calendar year, click the button to the right labeled, "Purchase Tiered Subscription". You will be set up with an account and login credentials good for full access until 12/31/23 or reaching your purchased data limit, whichever comes first.



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