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Rashelle Hobbs
Salt Lake County Recorder

Recorder's Office

Recorder's Office


Q. What is the cost of maps and copies of documents?

A. Plat Maps as as follows:

8 1/2 x 11 inches ($2.00 per page)

11 x 17 inches ($5.00 per page)

24 x 36 inches ($5.00 per page)

Photocopies ($2.00 each page)

Computer printouts ($1.00 each page)

Certified copies are $5.00 for the certification and $2.00 per page for each page being certified.

No Faxes

Military documents are free.

Q. What records are available?

A. Copies of all recorded documents such as deeds, liens releases, etc. and maps are available.

Q. What is a parcel or serial number?

A. A parcel number/serial number is assigned to each piece of property for assessing and taxations purposes. This number is on your tax notice and on our plat maps and is used countywide to identify a piece of property.

Q. What is a title search?

A. This search is done by a title company and / or title researcher that is licensed and bonded by the state. A title search is a record of a piece of property that shows every document recorded on that property since it was patented. It is used to determine the ownership of a property, any liens or encumbrances, easements or problems that my exists with the title on the property. Recorder's Office Employees are neither trained nor qualified to do a title search.

Q. Can you give me the title to my property, and can you tell me if the title is clear?

A. Title to your property is the deed you received when you purchased your property. A reconveyance is a document recorded to show your mortgage has been satisfied. Please note the Recorder's Office does not keep original recorded documents. They are returned after scanning. However, you can obtain a copy of that document at our office. Clear title is not determined by the Recorder's Office. That information comes from a title search done by a title company or an attorney.

Q. Can you tell me what liens I have on my property of if a specific lien has been released?

A. We can verify what has been recorded. If the search is extensive, you'll be asked to come in and search the records yourself or have a title company do it.

Q. How do I file or remove a lien? How do I change the name on a legal document?

A. An attorney will be the best source for legal counsel regarding filing liens or getting a lien removed from a property.

Q. How do I change a name on a legal document?

A. An attorney or title company can help you to add or remove a name from a piece of property.

Q. How is my property zoned? Can I build on this property?

A. CONTACT THE "PLANNING AND ZONING" OFFICE IN THE LOCAL JURISDICTION OF THE PROPERTY. If your property is located in unincorporated Salt Lake County, call Planning and Zoning at (385) 468-6700.

Q. Where can I get legal forms for deeds, liens, etc.?

A. It is best to contact a title company and / or legal source. Some office supply stores may have forms. The Recorder's Office does not prepare documents or have forms. Also please note there is no notary in the Recorder's Office. 

Q. Can you help me find an owner with an address?

A. Yes. Having the exact address and/or parcel number is helpful. If you do not know the exact address you can come into the office and point out the property on a map.

Q. What information can the Recorder's Office give me about a property?

A. We can give you current and past ownership, acreage, mailing address and the parcel/serial number. We do not have telephone for owners.

Q. What kind of maps do you have?

A. We have recorded Subdivision Maps and Plat Maps that show boundary lines with dimensions and parcel / serial numbers.

Q. How long will it take to get my documents returned after they are recorded?

A. Original documents are returned in 3-5 business days of recording. Please allow a week to 10 days for mail delivery.

Q. Can I combine or split my property?

A. Parcels can be consolidated or segregated by the Owner of Record for taxation purposes. In order to meet the requirements of a legally zoned lot the owners will have to contact the "Planning and Zoning" Office in the local jurisdiction of the property.

Q. Can I get a copy of my deed or my legal description?

A. Yes, you can come in and purchase them from our office.

Other Useful Information
  • **Records for births, marriages, & deaths are not available in our Office. They are available from the public health department (Birth & Death records) at (801) 538-6105. Marriage records are available at the County Clerk's office.
  • We do not determine the legality of liens do lien searches or check on specific liens for you.
  • There is no notary in the Recorder’s Office.
  • All information concerning structures on the property, such as homes etc, must be obtained from the County Assessor. Survey maps can be obtained from the Salt Lake County Surveyor (385)-468-8240.

Data Services

Q. How do I get a Data Services subscription?

A. The majority of data available on-line are provided via Subscription Service. This service has associated setup and minimum monthly charges. See Data Services Accounts  for additional information.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. Please call (385) 468-8145/ Email (

Q. Is there training offered for Data Services?

A. Yes. Please email us at to request and schedule training. Trainings are usually offered the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Q. What options are available for data access?

A. See Data Services Overview & Agreements for additional information.

Data Services: Access to the Salt Lake County Recorder's Data Services website to search property records. (Owner of record, parcel number history, property legal descriptions, recorded documents, tract index, chain of title, recorded subdivision plat maps and plat maps.

Daily Bulk Data: Authorized access to Recorder Index Data and Document Images.

GIS Data and Programs: Choose between annual GIS subscription, one-time GIS download or Custom GIS area.

Custom Bulk Data: Authorized access to Recorder Index Data and Document Images.

Q. When are recorded document images available?

A. Typically available by the next working day.

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