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Rashelle Hobbs
Salt Lake County Recorder

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News & Media about the Salt Lake County Recorder

How to learn if your Utah home had racist covenants and how to change them

Fox 13 Investigates: Learn if your Utah home had racist covenants and how to change them

Fox 13 Investigates
March 9, 2022

Counties Launch Property Fraud Alert Programs

Counties Launch Property Fraud Alert Programs

February 25, 2022

Gephardt: Salt Lake County Recorder Warns Homeowners About Unnecessary Service

Gephardt: Salt Lake County Recorder warns homeowners about unnecessary service

KSL News
February 18, 2020


Gephardt: Property Watch

Gephardt: 'Property Watch' aimed at stopping deed fraud in Salt Lake County

KSL News
April 21, 2020



Ads claim title thieves can steal your home, but can you really lose your house?

KSL News
January 25, 2022

White property owners only? Racist covenants remain on books in Utah, but now there's a path to fix them.

Deseret News
April 2, 2021

Utah real estate frenzy leads to record workload for county recorders.

2KUTV News
May 10, 2020

New County Service Keeps A Virtual Eye On Property Changes

Salt Lake County protects all property records for residents.

Cottonwood Heights Journal
September 14, 2020

Salt Lake County Recorder Launches Property Watch To Give Residents Easy-Access Updates

Salt Lake County residents have a new tool to combat title fraud and stay up to date on any changes regarding their property.

Deseret News
April 27,  2020

New Service Offers Salt Lake County Homeowners Free Notification Of Any Property Filing

Salt Lake County Recorder Rashelle Hobbs has launched a new service that allows property owners to sign up for free automatic notification anytime a filing is made, from liens to notice of a mortgage being paid off.

Salt Lake Tribune
April 25,  2020

Salt Lake County recorder warns residents of ‘predatory’ property assessment solicitation

If you own property in the greater Salt Lake area, you might have received a letter from a California company called Property Site requesting $95 for a “property assessment profile.”

Deseret News
February 17, 2020

Salt Lake County to homeowners: You don’t need to pay $95 for a ‘property assessment profile’

At least 40 Salt Lake County property owners have visited the county recorder’s office trying to pay a $95 fee to obtain a “property assessment profile” that a California firm that sells the product is recommending, but that county officials say is unnecessary and overpriced.

Salt Lake Tribune
February 11, 2020


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