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Rashelle Hobbs
Salt Lake County Recorder




All documents to be recorded must meet the Recording Requirements as set forth in the Utah Code.

In compliance with UCA 17-21-1(4), these Electronic Recording Standards must be followed for all documents submitted electronically.


Recording Standards

Recording Requirements

Download Copy:

You may download a pdf copy of these requirements and fees.

Formatting and Content Requirements:

2-1/2 inches down and 4-1/2 across the upper right corner of first page of  each recorded document.

A legal description and a parcel identification number are required on all recorded documents.

Common Document Errors:

  • Missing legal description
  • Missing parcel identification number
  • Incorrect fee
  • Grantor's signature different than typed name
  • Missing grantee address
  • Illegible documents
  • Inadequate space for recorder's stamp (2-1/2 inches down and 4-1/2 across the upper right corner of first page of document)

Document Recording Fees:

Flat fee per recording: $40.00

Additional legal descriptions (over 10) $2.00 each

Subdivision and Condominium Maps Recording Fees:

Each sheet $50.00

Each lot or unit designation: $2.00

Mining Location Notice of Proof of Labor Recording Fees:

Flat fee per recording $40.00

Additional claims (over 10) $2.00 each

Certified and Standard Copies:

Recorded documents: $2.00/page

Ownership & description: $1.00 /page

Lined parcel plat or subdivision: $5.00

Lined parcel plat or subdivision (electronic TIFF format): $5.00

Certification of documents: additional $5.00

GIS and Electronic Data:

Property owner mailing list (sticky label sheet): $ 3.00

Property owner mailing list (plain paper sheet): $1.00

Custom map projects: $75.00/hour and $5.00/square foot

Recording Fees

Download PDF of  Recording Fees



Recording Any instrument, paper, or notice otherwise provided for:

Flat fee for recording $40, Additional $2 fee for the following:

  • each additional description (Each document fee includes ten (10) legal description(s).)
  • each lot exceeding ten
  • each parcel exceeding ten

Subdivision or any other plat or map:

Each sheet $50
Each lot or unit designation $2




COPY FEES Paper or Digital (Documents, Plats, Labels):

  • Copies of documents per page $2*
  • Copies of Vault documents per page $5*
  • Certification per document (i.e. 2-page certified document-$9.00 (2 pages = $4.00 + cert @ $5 = $9.00) $5
  • Computer printout ownership/descriptions per page $1*
  • Copy of lined plat, subdivision plat or G.I.S. plat $5*
  • Copy of 8.5” x 11” lined plat, subdivision plat or G.I.S. plat $2*
  • Mailing labels (per sheet): $1* Print Out only, $3* Adhesive labels


Custom Map Projects

CUSTOM MAP PROJECTS: $75*/hour (charged in .25 hour increments) and $5*/square foot


Digital Services

Utah Code Recording Requirements

For a document to be recorded in the Recorder's Office, it must meet the following requirements:

  1.  It must be an original document or be an electronic document that satisfies the requirements under UCA 17-21a, Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (UCA §57-3-106).
  2. It must contain a brief caption stating the nature of the document (UCA §57-3-106).
  3. It must contain a legal description (UCA §57-3-105).
  4. It must contain the names and mailing addresses of the grantees (UCA §57-3-105).
  5. It must be sufficiently legible for the recorder to make certified copies (UCA §57-3-106).
  6. It must contain a notary certificate containing the words “subscribed and sworn” or the equivalent, that is signed and certified by the officer taking the acknowledgement, proof, or jurat (UCA §57-3-101).
  7. The names of all persons whose signatures appear on the instrument must be typed or printed on the instrument (UCA §17-21-25).
  8. When title to real property is granted to a person as trustee, the following terms of the trust must be included: the name and address of the trustee; and the name and date of the trust (UCA §75-7-816).
  9. A court judgment or an abstract of a court judgment must be an original or certified copy and include the information identifying the judgment debtor as referred to in Subsection 78-22-1.5(4) (UCA §57-3-106).
  10. Judgments, abstracts of judgments, and separate information statements of the judgment creditor do not require an acknowledgment or a legal description to be recorded (UCA §57-3-106).
  11. A foreign judgment or an abstract of a foreign judgment recorded in the office of a county recorder must include the affidavit as required in Section 78-22a-3 (UCA §57-3-106).
  12. To release or assign a judgment lien must include the name of any judgment creditor, debtor, assignor, or assignee; the date of recording; and the entry number creating the judgment lien (UCA §57-3-106).
  13. The tax serial number of each parcel affected by the instrument should appear on each instrument, though it is not considered part of the legal description (UCA §17-21-20).
  14. Document shall be an original or certified copy of the document unless otherwise provided by law (UCA §17-21-20).
  15. Document shall be in English or be accompanied by an accurate English translation of the document (UCA §17-21-20).
  16. Document shall contain a brief title, heading, or caption on the first page describing the document (UCA §17-21-20).
  17. Document shall contain the legal description of the property that is the subject of the document (UCA §17-21-20).
  18. Document shall be notarized with the notary stamp with the seal legible; and shall have original signatures (UCA §17-21-20).
  19. Each paper, notice or instrument submitted for recording in the county recorder’s office shall be on white paper that is 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches in size (UCA §17-21-20).
  20. Have a margin of one inch on the left and right sides and at the bottom of each page (UCA §17-21-20).
  21. Have a space of 2-1/2 inches down and 4-1/2 inches across the upper right corner of the first page and a margin of one inch at the top of each succeeding page to provide room to affix recording data (UCA §17-21-20).
  22. Shall not be on sheets of paper that are continuously bound together at the side, top or bottom (UCA §17-21-20).
  23. Document shall not contain printed material on more than one side of each page (UCA §17-21-20).
  24. Printed in black ink and not have text smaller than seven lines of text per vertical inch (UCA §17-21-20).
  25. Be sufficiently legible to make certified copies (UCA §17-21-20).
  26. Re-Recording Requirements (UCA §57-3-106).
Miscellaneous Recording Information

Documents Recorded by Year


Year Documents
2010 236,388
2011 198,732
2012 240,670
2013 235,556
2014 187,370
2015 227,735
2016 247,245
2017 243,349
2018 222,490
2019 248,540
2020  357,661
2021  341,136 









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