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What is Salt Lake County Doing for the Environment?

Posted By Regional Development
June 04, 2021

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We cherish the beautiful landscape that surrounds us in Salt Lake County: the mountains, our rivers and streams, the air, our precious and limited land.

So, what is Salt Lake County doing for our environment to address issues and ensure its quality continues for future generations? In celebration of World Environment Day on Saturday, June 5, we're sharing four areas of focus.

1. We're Developing Innovative Air Quality Projects

Salt Lake County is currently pursuing multiple projects to help improve our air. These range from installing electric charging stations at County facilities and mandating EVs and hybrids for our vehicle fleet to creating and carrying out new ways to provide additional air quality data for our residents and businesses through expanded air monitoring projects.

Improved, detailed air quality data will help us more strategically produce targeted solutions into the future.

2. We're Conserving Water, and You Should Too

As we're well into a drought this summer, Salt Lake County is doing its part to help conserve water. This includes cutting our water use by 5% -- nearly 43.3 million gallons -- and providing tips and best practices to our residents to help minimize their water use.

We issued a challenge in April to County residents to match the County’s own 5% reduction at their homes. If 25% of residents help with this goal, we will collectively save at least 2 million gallons of water per day. Learn more at

3. We Support a Goal of 100% Net Renewable Energy

Salt Lake County is part of one of the most ambitious clean energy projects in the region. The Communities 100 group is a collection of cities and counties across the state pursuing the goal of 100% net renewable energy. So far, over 15 communities have indicated commitments to the program. If successful, it will represent the largest expansion of clean energy in Utah's history.

4. Our Planning Always Includes the Environment

Salt Lake County is responsible for multiple land use planning documents across the County. Within each is a plan on how to best preserve the natural ecosystem and maintain minimal impact on the landscapes, like in the recently updated and adopted Wasatch Canyons General Plan. The updated Plan put forth guidance on the importance of the watershed, addressing invasive plant species, wildlife, forest health, and wildfires.

As the County grows in population and size, making sure our natural environment is preserved is of the utmost importance. 

Have questions? Talk with Salt Lake County's Sustainability Director Michael Shea: email or call 385-271-3745.