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What Salt Lake County landlords need to know about pandemic rental assistance in 2021

Posted By Regional Development
March 24, 2021

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Rental Assistance is available now for Salt Lake County residents through for those who meet a defined list of eligibility criteria.

But what do landlords need to know about the Utah program, especially if their tenants qualify or are applying?

1. The rental assistance covers current rent, as well as arrears AND potential future months' needs

If your tenant has been behind on rent any time since March 2020 due to COVID-19 reasons, this rental assistance can fulfill those needs, as well as any current, or future three months of rent for termed leases. Residents can get multiple months of rental assistance. This rental assistance can cover the following expenses:

  • Rent
  • Past-due rent
  • Fees
  • Security deposit
  • Utilities, including internet and energy costs

2. As a landlord you will be asked to provide some official documentation

To certify the need for rental assistance, landlords will be asked to provide certain documents to their tenants, including:

  • Landlord W-9
  • A ledger showing outstanding rent and/or other feeds

If you are concerned about sharing sensitive information and have questions or want to confirm a request for information is not a scam, that's understandable. Call 801-526-9666.

3. You can apply to receive rental assistance funds on behalf of your tenant

Perhaps your tenant hasn't pursued an application or has experienced difficulties applying during COVID-19. If this is the case and your tenant meets eligibility requirements, landlords can apply for benefits on behalf of tenants. You will need the following documents to complete an application at

  • Tenant Income Verification
  • Lease Agreement (include all pages)
  • Landlord W-9
  • Past Due Rent Documentation in the form of a monthly itemized ledger
  • Past Due Utility Notice or Utility Shut Off Notice and Internet Bill (if applicable)
  • Eviction Notice (if applicable)

If you're a landlord applying for your tenant, provide the Tenant Application Form at You will upload all of these documents online through the application portal.

4. Funds from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program will come directly to you

After a complete application is filed and approved (it can take as much as two weeks due to demand), the rental assistance will be paid out directly to landlords — not tenants.

If you are aware of potential fraud, waste, or abuse related to this rental assistance program please email or call 801-526-9666.