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Mudita Yoga's New Studio in Holladay Brings Joy and Peace During COVID-19

Posted By Regional Development
August 12, 2020

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Finding Peace During COVID-19 at Mudita Yoga in Holladay

Carrie Coppola’s first time on a mat was transformative.
She was working as a prevention specialist at Cornerstone Counseling Center and going through a difficult personal time.
"Yoga found me," Carrie said. "I was feeling broken. The first time on a mat I felt a moment of peace — that in the middle of all I was going through that I’d be alright. … I knew I needed to come back to my mat.”
From there, Carrie found healing woven with yoga for both herself and others. She took yoga teacher training, and when she moved to part time in her old job, she decided to instruct in yoga. When the studio she taught at was closing its location, multiple people told her she should open her own studio.
And, she did.
Mudita Yoga, meaning sympathetic joy, operated near 3300 South and 1550 East for nine years. During that time, Carrie’s studio offered multiple classes each day ranging from one hour long to 75 minutes, from vinyasa flow and power down to core and restore. For nearly seven years, Carrie also held a free, specialized class — Yoga for Recovery. It was specifically geared toward recovering addicts.
Reaching a point of change, Mudita was set to hold a grand opening at a newer and much larger location in Holladay on April 1, 2020. The space was designed specifically for growing the yoga studio into a wellness center, with the goal of also providing massage therapy, community nutrition, trauma-informed yoga and healing, and therapy.
Mudita 3.jpg
“People want that healing,” Carrie said. “I’d like to think we’re unique. We’re not afraid to welcome you as you are and be a place of healing.”
Unfortunately, COVID-19 spread in March, delaying the Studio’s anticipated opening and expansion, as well as its ability to increase revenue. 
Ever resilient, Carrie moved to open virtually instead. Her team of instructors taught from home via Zoom. The change even allowed former customers, who now resided out of the area, to join for daily classes. 
“It was a big leap,” she said. “There hasn’t been a moment that I wish we would’ve stayed [in our old space]. I don’t know if we’ll make it, but I’m showing up every day to keep the business going.”
In August, classes are available in-person with physical distancing, and the studio is trying to provide access to yoga in as safe an environment as possible. Classes are available online as well. Still, the Center’s current schedule is at 50% of its pre-COVID services.
Carrie applied for the Small Business Impact Grant (SBIG) during Round 1 in June 2020. Her application was approved and the grant provided the business with much-needed funds to help it remain open.
“We are all connected, and the pandemic shows this. Your actions affect so much outside your realm, you can’t even imagine. I’m hopeful we can come together and create a stronger community and a stronger world.”
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