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Online Sales During the Pandemic Continue to Grow in Salt Lake County

Posted By Regional Development
December 21, 2020

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In the 3rd Quarter of 2020, Salt Lake County continued to see an increase in taxable sales despite the ongoing pandemic, even surpassing 2019 taxable sales for the same time period.
The Utah State Tax Commission released on-time filings for October 2020 taxable sales last week. Here are a few insights from that new data in the Salt Lake County Economic Info Portal.

Nonstore Retailer Sales Continue to Grow

Perhaps it's no surprise that during the pandemic and a time when more residents and consumers are staying home, that online purchases have increased in 2020. October 2020 taxable sales in Salt Lake County show the continuation of that trend with a 36% growth amounting to a total of $178.2 million.
Application of the "nonstore retailer" tax NAICS code for businesses that have both physical stores and online sales depends on whether the business has a separate account for online business or not. If a business doesn't have a separate account, then sales -- including ones made online -- are likely categorized under whatever type of business is conducted at the store and not "nonstore retailer." 
Online sales are typically sourced to the buyer's location, even if the store has other locations.
October Taxable Sales by Greatest decrease.JPG

Industry Decreases

The industries that continue to suffer the greatest decreases in taxable sales dollars are:
  1. Accommodations ($27 million) 53% decrease
  2. Food Services and Drinking Places ($23 million) 12% decrease
  3. Information ($21 million) 20% decrease
  4. Arts, Entertainment, Recreation ($16 million) 58% decrease
  5. Retail-Clothing ($7 million) 9% decrease
The biggest percentage changes in taxable sales for October
  1. Mining, Quarrying, and Oil & Gas Extraction (62%) at $7 million
  2. Arts, Entertainment, Recreation (28%) $11 million
  3. Accommodation (53%) $23 million
  4. Educational Services (43%) $2 million
  5. Information (20%) $85 million

October Taxable Sales by Greatest decrease.JPG


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