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Salt Lake County Adopts West General Plan

Posted By Regional Development
May 17, 2022

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Image of the Oquirrh Mountains Courtesy of Jake Young

SALT LAKE COUNTY – The County Council voted to adopt the West General Plan, guiding the long-term vision for conservation and development in the westernmost unincorporated areas of the County, after four years of planning and engagement with municipalities and stakeholders.

The Plan’s area has a diverse geography, from the shorelines of the Great Salt Lake to the Oquirrh Mountains and south to the Traverse Mountains. The Plan serves as a starting conversation for the region to manage the growth that is coming.

“We want to come to a cohesive regional solution together,” said Helen Peters, Salt Lake County Planning & Transportation director. “The West General Plan is innovative in its vision and the result of years of listening and collaboration.”

During the 4-year process, Salt Lake County met with the eight bordering municipalities, landowners, stakeholders, the military, and the public more than 125 times.

“Early on, we set the standard with the team that the County would engage more with stakeholders and the public in this planning process than ever before,” Mayor Jenny Wilson said. “It takes a village to establish a vision for the future. I’m grateful to the municipalities, landowners, and residents who invested their time to produce the final plan we have today. The West General Plan will be critical to smart growth in our unincorporated areas.”

Surveys of thousands of residents showed top concerns in the Plan area were traffic and transportation, housing, air quality, and water. The Plan outlines goals and strategies for three elements required by the State: land use; housing; and transportation.

“As we deal with tremendous growth issues in the valley, planning for the future is critical,” said Salt Lake County Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton. “This plan allows us to advocate for additional infrastructure to maintain quality of life as our population expands.”

But Salt Lake County also included five additional elements of importance in the Plan: environment and conservation; water conservation; parks, trails, and recreation; economy; utilities and public safety.

Courtesy of Audubon

The plan’s inclusion of and vision for water conservation is unique – a first in a County general plan and incorporated before 2022 Legislative action. It also emphasizes planned communities and smart growth for the open land that remains in the west. An important part of that is conservation and space for recreation and trails. Both will positively impact the valley’s air, as well as residents’ health and quality of life.

Multiple entities support the adoption of the West General Plan, including Salt Lake County Planning Commission, South Jordan, West Jordan, Salt Lake City, Bluffdale, Herriman, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, and Rio Tinto Kennecott.

“Salt Lake County’s West General Plan sets realistic expectations for future growth on the west side for infrastructure needs,” said West Jordan Mayor Dirk Burton. “It also provides a great jumping-off point for growth-related discussions with neighboring municipalities, as well as County officials, moving forward.”

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