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Salt Lake County Regional Planning & Transportation Welcomes Toby Lowry as New GIS Analyst

Posted By Regional Development
December 11, 2020

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Salt Lake County Regional Development’s Award-Winning Planning & Transportation department welcomed a new GIS Analyst, Toby Lowry, this week.

A Utah native, Toby graduated from the University of Utah in 2019 with a degree in Urban Ecology – planning with a focus on the environment. His interest in equity and the possibility of creating opportunities for more people and improve lives at the same time was a significant motivator for his career path.

“I’m excited to work for an organization focused on improving situations for people and the environment, and that’s true for the Office of Regional Development and Planning & Transportation. Their goals are in line with my goals – to help people,” Toby said.

As a Transportation Planner and GIS Analyst, Toby will create maps and enable clear communication of different projects as they develop across the county. His goal is to make maps and documents for projects that are easy to read and understand so residents understand future Salt Lake County plans and maps. 

“I like that it requires collaboration from a lot of different people and different organizations,” Toby said. “At Salt Lake County we work with different cities in the County and organizations like UTA and UDOT. That kind of collaboration is exciting; it requires problems in planning consult with a variety of perspectives to find solutions that work best for the most people.”

Toby joins the County from Colliers International, where he worked as a GIS Analyst to collect geospatial data to inform brokers and clients to make informed decisions, as well as creating different kinds of maps and materials to provide easily digestible material.

Toby takes on the position most recently held by Jared Stewart.

When he’s not assisting with planning and analyzing map data, Toby enjoys doing all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking to Lake Blanche to camping and is talented in woodworking and has a soft spot for brownies.

To connect with Toby, he can be reached at or by phone at 385-468-4872.