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ICE Dashboard FAQ


The Salt Lake County Jail interacts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by: 1) providing access to inmate information regarding citizenship status and country of origin; 2) accepting properly documented ICE detainer requests; and 3) releasing individuals subject to ICE detainer to federal custody once criminal charges are resolved.

Understanding the process

1. Arrest
A law enforcement agency makes an arrest for an alleged violation of criminal code and transports the individual to jail.
The arresting agency completes documentation about the arrest and the jail accepts the individual for booking.
Before accepting an arrestee, the jail may refer them to an outside medical provider. 
2. Booking
During the booking process every individual is asked about citizenship status and country of origin. 

These questions are in compliance with the Department of State Consulate Notification process. 
Overcrowding release decisions are not affected by citizenship status or county of origin information.
All information collected during the booking process is documented in the jail’s records management system which can be accessed by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies.  
This includes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal law enforcement agency. 
3. ICE Issues Detainer

Upon review of the jail’s records management system, ICE may issue a detainer, requesting that the jail hold the individual for no more than 48 hours beyond when that individual would otherwise be eligible for release.

A detainer includes Form I-247 accompanied by an I-200 or I-205 warrant.

4. Release with ICE Detainer

Once all local, state, and federal criminal charges are satisfied, ICE has 48 hours (counting weekends and holidays) to take custody of an individual subject to detainer. If the 48 hours pass without ICE taking custody, the individual is released from jail.