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Jail Housing

Inside Jail

The management philosophy used in our Housing Division is an innovative concept of prisoner management called Direct Supervision where physical barriers are replaced with behavioral boundaries. The design of our housing units enhance supervision, increase perimeter security, and effectively divides prisoners into manageable groups.

The Housing Unit includes the following: A Pod, B Pod, Programs, C Pod, D Pod and Health Services

In C Pod we have three (3) Quarantine units, Two (2) male and one (1) female unit where a prisoner is housed when they enter the jail until it is determined by classification on the level and housing unit they will be assigned. Generally, this process it up to three (3) days. We also have four (4) minimum female units and one (1) medium female unit.

In D Pod we have all eight (8) minimum male units. Two units are dormitory-style with eighty (80) kitchen workers in each. We have one (1) General Education Diploma (GED) unit of 64 prisoners working on getting their diploma equivalency. We graduate between sixty and eighty each year. The other five (5) units we continue to work with other programs.

In Health Services we have Acute, Sub-acute, Mental Health, and Acute Medical and Negative air housing of a total of eighty-eight beds. We work closely with our medical and mental health professionals in the prisoners' care. We provide Crisis Intervention Team training of 40 hours to our deputies that work in our medical unit. The additional training helps provide the needed training to address the prisoners with mental health issues.