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Jail Support

Visiting Loby

Our Support Division consists of multiple units which provide support to all other divisions while providing customer service in a number of functions; those units include facility maintenance, Information Services, food services, visiting, commissary, prisoner communication and mail.

Facility Maintenance: Team members perform skilled and Journey level repairs in all of the common construction trades including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry. The Maintenance Staff are tasked to maintain the vital systems that are key to the operations of the jail facilities. These systems range from pneumatic security locking doors, vacuum sewage removal, rooftop evaporative coolers, boiler / glycol distribution and water heat exchangers. Work orders are submitted for issues related to clogged toilets, burned out lights and broken locks at a rate of 1050 per month.

Warehouse Services: Through a centralized general location, the Warehouse Staff support the Metro and Oxbow Jails, Sheriff’s Office Building and the Special Operations Building facilities. Daily duties include controlling inventory, unloading and delivering supplies around the facility, disposing of bio-hazardous materials generated by the prisoner population, properly secure for destruction confidential documents and recycling of papers, remove approximately 2 tons of trash monthly from within the facility and deliver approximately 7200 meals daily to the inmate population.

Our Prisoner Services Division consists of multiple units which provide essential services to prisoners and the public, and helps maintain critical connections between prisoners and their friends and family. Those units consist of Visiting, Phone Room, Mail and Commissary.

Phone Room: The majority of all phone calls made to the Salt Lake County Jail are received and directed through the phone room. Our team members provide important information to friends, family and outside agencies regarding prisoners within our facility. Our team members in the phone room answer and direct over 450 calls each day, providing high quality customer service, and ensuring all inquiries are answered with accuracy, professionalism and respect.

Visiting: The team members are the face of the Salt Lake County Jail to over 2,000 visitors every week, including friends, family members, clergy, attorneys, health care providers and law enforcement professionals. Their friendly and professional customer service to all members of the public ensure that visitors are able to have access to prisoners, allowing them to conduct business, receive care, and maintain personal connections while staying within our facility.

Mail and Commissary: Team members receive, log and review over 200 pieces of incoming mail each day, ensuring that all correspondence adheres to jail rules, and do not pose a risk to the safety and security of our facility. They are the front line in circumventing contraband, such as illegal substances, from entering our facility. They also play a critical role in assisting other agencies with detecting illegal activity, as well as alerting health care providers to prisoners needing intervention. The team members also receive and deliver over 1200 commissary orders to prisoners each week, along with legal mail, books, and free hygiene supplies.

Information Services: The I.S. Unit is an exceptionally skilled and dedicated team that oversees and collaborates on a number of computer and electronic systems which are critical to the safe and effective operation of the Jail. These systems range from computers, software, phones, cellphones, key cards, servers, computer accounts, system interfaces, data analysis, data quality, data reporting, prisoner communications, training, treatment, education, networking services, integration and participating in the development.