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Prisoner FAQ

How do you write to a prisoner?

Visit the Communicate with a Prisoner page and select "mail" for instructions on how to write to a prisoner.

What are the visiting days?
What do people need to visit?

A government issued picture ID that is not expired or altered in any way. Click here for more information.

Can I use my paper ID from the DMV?

Yes, as long as it is not expired, legible, and not altered in any way. Please see the Visit a Prisoner page for more information. 

Do you need to pre-schedule a visit or can I just walk in?

You do not need to pre-schedule, but pre-scheduling makes it so no one else could come in and visit the prisoner that day. Also pre-scheduling makes it so you can get into the visit you want rather than having to wait longer if the section is filled up.;

Please see the Visit a Prisoner page for more information. 

How long does the booking process take?
From the time the person arrives at the jail, the booking process takes an average of 6-8 hours. If the person is intoxicated, non-compliant or otherwise unable to be processed, the time may be extended.
How late can I come in to put money on a prisoner’s books?

Please read the directions on  the How to Load a Commissary Account page for all the different ways to add money to an account. 

How much is on my prisoner’s books?

We cannot release this information to you unless you are the prisoner’s financial Power of Attorney.

How do I get prisoner property released to me?

Prisoner property may be released once every six months.

You will need to come into the Jail Administration Office between 8 am - 8 pm daily, fill out a property release form and have a government issued ID. It takes approximately 48 hours after the paperwork is complete before the property can be picked up.

What is my prisoner's release date?

We do not give out release dates. If you would like to know please ask the prisoner.

When the prisoner is released are they allowed to call people to pick them up?

Yes, the prisoner will be allowed free local phone calls 15-30 minutes prior to their release in order to make arrangements to be picked up.

What can a prisoner purchase on commissary and how much is it?

Prisoners can purchase hygiene items, snacks and writing supplies. It is comparable to what it would cost at a gas station.

Can books be sent to a prisoner?

All new books need to be purchased and sent directly from the publisher to the jail via USPS only. It must have the prisoners name and SO# on the package. It also has to have a cover that could be torn.

What can I send in through the mail? What could be rejected through the mail?

Visit the Communicate with a Prisoner page and select the "Mail" option for instructions on how to write to a prisoner.

How do I set up an e-mail account?

Visit the Communicate with a Prisoner page and select the "eMail" option for instructions on how to set an email account up for a prisoner.

How can the prisoner call me?

You can set up a pre-paid account with Century Link at 1-888-506-8407. The prisoner can also purchase minutes through commissary.

Visit the Communicate with a Prisoner page and select the "Communicate Via Phone" option for instructions on how to talk via phone. 

What kind of currency can I send in?

You can send money orders or a cashier’s check. Please do not send cash through the mail, per Post Office recommendations

Do you issue prisoners a pillow?

No, one must be purchased through commissary.

How do I serve legal documents on a prisoner?

If your documents require a civil service, you can bring the document to our Civil Unit at the Sheriff’s Office Building @ 3365 S. 900 W. SLC, Utah 84119. The paperwork will be served upon the prisoner and you will be provided with a receipt of service.

*Please note that it is the prisoners’ responsibility to return the signed document via mail; the Officer does not wait and return the document to you.

The Civil Unit is open for same day service, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The cost is $22.50 for paperwork within Utah and $27.50 for paperwork outside of Utah. You can also send legal documents directly to the prisoner via mail at the following address:
Salt Lake County Jail
SO# (prisoner)
3415 S. 900 W.
SLC, Utah 84119

**Typical paperwork requiring civil service include: divorce papers, summons, court documents, eviction orders, small claims, protective/stalking orders (no cost).

How do I get other documents signed by a prisoner?

If you need to pick up a prisoners’ property, vehicle impound release, power of attorney, prisoner medical records or any other documents that do not require a civil service, you can bring the paperwork to the Jail Administration Officer at 3415 S. 900 W. SLC, Utah 84119 and they will obtain the signature for you and have it available for pick-up 24 hours later in the same place. You can also mail the documents to the prisoner if desired.

*If you have questions as to what can or cannot be delivered to a prisoner, you can call (385) 468-8400 24/7.