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Food Service Actions

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July 22, 2016
2128 West 2300 South

Internet Disclosure Notice

The enforcement actions listed on this site are based on notices issued to an establishment following an inspection. The Salt Lake County Board of Health has adopted Health Regulation #5, Food Service Establishments. Section 44.1 of Regulation #5 requires the Health Department to notify an establishment found to be in violation of the regulation. Section 5.2.19 of the Salt Lake Countywide Records Policy and Procedure, adopted pursuant to the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act, provides that a notice of violation or similar record used to initiate proceedings for discipline or sanctions against persons regulated by the County are public records and subject to disclosure. Section 45 of Regulation #5 provides that any person aggrieved by a notice issued by the Department may request a hearing. If an establishment contests any action taken by the Department, such action may be sustained, modified or reversed following a hearing.

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