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Sunday Anderson Westside
868 W 900 South  
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(385) 468-3155   Email

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 5:00

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Monday - Friday

Center Manager
Amber Christensen


Holiday Meal

Wednesday November 20th Entertainment starting at 11:00 am and lunch starting at 12:00 pm

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About Us

Sunday Anderson Westside Senior Center is located in the heart of the Westside.   Sunday Anderson, for whom the Center was named, was a veteran politician and Legislative member.  Because of the strong desire and dedication to help improve the lifestyles of citizens residing on the Westside, on June 17, 1978, The Sunday Anderson Westside Senior Center opened its doors, and has been major focal point for those 60 +  in the community for 39 years.   The diversity of the participants who attend only adds to the appeal of the center.  Many participants have lived in the area their entire life and they make the center welcoming to new members, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Center Staff

  • Center Manager: Amber Christensen
  • Center Program Coordinator: Amy Hackett
  • Office Specialist: Dale Olson
  • Custodian: Jason Hill
  • Kitchen Help: Vacant
  • Driver: Atelea(Monty) Fifita
  • Special Instructors: Lola Sedgwick and Bonnie Bown


Volunteering is the “lifeblood” of the Senior Center. Volunteers play a critical role in delivering quality programming as well as providing options for fit, active and engaged seniors. The Center has a wide variety of opportunities for all ages to volunteer time and talents. As the gap between available resources and the needs of seniors continues to grow, Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services believes the role of volunteering is important and we are always looking to add new programs at the Center. To find the volunteer opportunity that best suits your needs, skills, and time availability, simply talk to the staff.

What are you willing to do?

  • Are you able to help serve lunch on special occasions?
  • Do you enjoy planning activities?
  • Are you great at holding fundraisers?
  • Do you have a wonderful talent you would like to share with our participants?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Kitchen Assistance
  • Activities Assistance
  • Advisory Committee Members
  • Instructors: Zumba, Painting, etc.
  • Fundraisers
  • And Many More!

We have a need for many volunteers and welcome any hands willing to help. For more information, contact the Center Program Coordinator at 385-468-3062.


General Information

Sunday Anderson Westside Senior Center provides opportunities for people over the age of 60 to improve their talents, enrich their minds, give service in the community, develop meaningful friendships, and help maintain physical health through good nutrition and exercise.

The center offers a wide range of programs to enlighten, educate and enrich the lives of members.  We consider the center a place where participants can be involved in an abundant of classes and special activities.  Classes are as diverse as Pickle Ball, Personal Healthcare and Karaoke.  For those wanting to explore their creative side, the center offers opportunities in art, such as, Ceramics and Bunka Cafting.  We are proud of our health and exercise programs which include; EnhanceFitness, Exercise Class, Line Dancing, and as well as a full workout room.  The participants who attend the center are big into games; they enjoy playing a variety of Card Games, Billiards, Wii games, Bunco Pickle Ball and Bingo.

As the center tries to offer programming geared towards participant desires, new classes and programs are always being introduced. Visit the Sunday Anderson Westside Senior Center newsletter to see what latest classes and programs are available.


Special Events

Special events and classes occur at the Center each month. Each month these events may be different. 

Visit the Sunday Anderson Westside Senior Center newsletter to see what latest classes and programs are available.