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Mapping and GIS

Foothills And Canyons Overlay Zone Maps

The general purpose of the Foothills Canyons Overlay Zone (FCOZ) is to promote safe, environmentally sensitive development that strikes a reasonable balance between the rights and long-term interests of property owners and those of the general public. A partnership was formed between the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office and Salt Lake County Planning and Development Services, providing customized maps showing the terrain surrounding proposed development in our foothills and canyons.

FCOZ example map
Example FCOZ Map -  view larger

Citizens can request a map of the project site to aid in the permitting process. Since we began the project in 2015 we have completed hundreds of maps. Prior to this partnership both the citizen and planner had limited access to this type of information, which is critical to regulatory agencies for decision making in regards to determining buildable areas, location of septic systems, and limits of disturbance. This data is also helpful to the applicants decision-making process by identifying potential pitfalls and associated development costs.

The maps show aerial photography, contours and a gradient (change in elevation over 100ft) identifying ranges between 25% and 35% and 35% and greater. The data is generated from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data collected as a result of a partnership with the State of Utah and the Federal Government.