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Monument Information

Corner Reports

A Public Land Survey corner is any corner actually established and monumented in an original survey or resurvey used as a basis of legal descriptions for issuing a patent for the land to a private person from the United States government. Public Land Survey corners are interpreted as meander corners, quarter corners and section corners (corners set in the original government surveys), and are the corners used by the Assessor’s office for tax parcel mapping purposes.

Refer to Utah State code 17-23 and Salt Lake County Ordinance 14.17. Any land surveyor making a boundary survey and utilizing a corner shall, within 90 days, complete, sign, and file with the Salt Lake County Surveyor, a written record. The Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office form is known as the Public Land Survey Corner Filing. This report shall be completed for every public land survey corner and accessory to the corner which is used, unless the corner and its accessories is already a matter of record in the County.

The Public Land Survey Corner Filing form may also be known as a corner report, land survey record, corner file, etc. The Public Land Survey Corner Filing is a document containing the most current description of any public land survey corner, or lesser subdivision corner as defined in the Manual of Surveying Instructions 1973, and/or that corner’s accessories.

File a Corner Report

Ensure readable and legible forms:

  • Use black ink for text and line work (halftones and grayscales do not reproduce well).
  • Use black ink for your Certification Seal (many colors do not reproduce well and are harder to read).
  • Use standard text fonts larger than 1/8 of an inch in height on submitted form (small and fancy fonts are harder to read).
  • Attach each graphic or digital image to PLS Corner Page 2 or a Microsoft Word document as separate images.

There is no charge when submitting the Public Land Survey Corner Filing with the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office.