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Monument Information

Monument Maintenance

Damaged Monument?

The Salt Lake County Surveyor's office is always on the lookout for monuments that have been disfigured or destroyed through normal wear. One of our duties is to watch for these damaged monuments and rehabilitate them. By completing a monument maintenance request form and emailing it to (with monument maintenance in the subject line) you will assist us in protecting and preserving your property boundaries!

At the Salt Lake County Surveyor's office, it is our duty to protect and preserve these physical monuments through the monument permitting process. Most monuments are located at the intersections of streets. These monuments are often disturbed or destroyed by street construction activities. Utah State Code (17-23-14) requires that a permit be taken out and that monument be referenced by the Salt Lake County Surveyor's office prior to any activity that would threaten their position. This ensures that they can be replaced in their original position, thereby giving the Professional Land Surveyor the reference marks needed to accurately reproduce the location of property lines.