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Survey Recordation

Online Payment Information

The Salt Lake County Surveyor's Office has partnered with Official Payments Corporation (OPC) to process online payments when using MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or DISCOVER credit cards, and electronic checks (E-Check). You may use the computer at 2001 South State, STE N1-940, Salt Lake City, Utah or online through the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s website.

Official Payments Corporation (OPC), will charge a CONVENIENCE FEE for processing payments.

  • The Convenience fee will appear as a separate billing on your Credit/Debit card or bank statement.
  • The Credit/Debit card convenience fee is 2.25% of the payment amount with a minimum $1.95 charge.
  • The E-Check convenience fee is $1.00 per check up to a $10,000 check amount.

Neither Salt Lake County nor the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office receives any portion of the CONVENIENCE FEE collected by Official Payments Corporation.

Make a Payment

Funds and/or documents received after 4:30 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

Terms and Conditions

If I select payment by Credit/Debit Card or E-Check, I authorize the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office, and/or any third party the County may designate, to charge my Credit/Debit Card account or bank account to pay the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office for the products or fees purchased. If used as a form of payment, I understand that a 2.50% convenience fee, with a minimum of $2.00, will be charged to my Credit/Debit card account or $3.00 E-Check convenience fee, up to a $10,000 check amount, will be charged to my checking account by a financial intermediary, Official Payments Corporation (OPC). I understand that I will see two charges on my Credit/Debit card or bank statement, one for the payment charge and another from Official Payments Corporation for the convenience fee charge.

I understand that once I submit my payment information, using the online payment system, it will not be possible for the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office or its bank to stop the transmission of payment information to my bank. I understand that payments are considered to be made at the time the transaction is confirmed by this Web site and a confirmation number is issued. The confirmation page generated when I submit my payment will show the date and time the payment was received by Salt Lake County.

I will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the account information I provide. I understand that in the event my payment is rejected, for any reason, I will be required to make arrangements to pay for the purchase(s). For detailed Terms and Conditions, go to the OPC website.

Salt Lake County Privacy Statement

Salt Lake County is committed to your privacy. Due to the sensitive nature of the user information collected, the County believes it is important to satisfy and adhere to strict privacy requirements. This Privacy Statement describes the type of information collected, the primary purposes for collecting user information, the security measures taken to protect user privacy, state and federal privacy protection laws, data accuracy and access, remedies for violation of Privacy Statement, and contact information.

Information Collected

Salt Lake County does not collect and store user information related to any electronic payment transaction except for contact information, phone, and email; payment confirmation number, credit card type and last four digits; and transaction amount.

Purpose for Collecting User Information

The County collects and stores user information to confirm credit/debit card payment. The user must voluntarily participate in an activity that asks for such information.



Salt Lake County has reasonable security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under its control. Encryption is of the highest quality and standard available. Security is monitored and audited on a routine basis. Even with advanced technologies, it is not always possible to prevent unauthorized access. IF THERE IS UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS, THE COUNTY ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE EXPERIENCED BY USERS.

Salt Lake County has a responsibility to protect its resources. If Salt Lake County believes a user is trying to access without authorization or attempting to destroy, damage, or violate Salt Lake County systems, Salt Lake County may use the information in its logs to find those responsible and proceed with applicable criminal charges.

Remedies for Violation

If Salt Lake County violates the provisions in this Privacy Statement, the affected users have a remedy which is correction of the error or correction of any misinformation, and cessation of such practices.

To enforce the provisions in the Privacy Statement, the user must first submit a request in writing to Salt Lake County. Salt Lake County will then determine whether the specific provision has been violated. If the user is not satisfied with the County's decision, the user may pursue any applicable legal remedies under federal or state law to enforce the Privacy Statement provision(s).