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Survey Recordation

Record Of Survey

Utah State Code 17-23-17 requires a Record of Survey be filed with the County Surveyor when a land surveyor establishes or re-establishes a boundary line or obtains data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line within 90 days of the establishment or reestablishment of the boundary line. The County Surveyor is the repository of boundary surveys performed in Salt Lake County since 1987.

To facilitate the filing process, the staff of the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office reviews the submitted plat using the "Map of Boundary Survey Review Checklist" to insure compliance with State Code and County Ordinance requirements. If all requirements are satisfied, the survey plat is “complete” and filed as a record of survey. However if the survey plat contains errors or lacks required information, it will be moved to a temporary holding file and identified as “pending.” The surveyor will have a thirty-day grace period to bring the “pending” survey plat into compliance. After the thirty-day grace period, the “pending” plat will be filed as a record of survey containing all errors and omissions not updated or corrected.

The staff of the County Surveyor’s office scans the record of survey plat to create a digital image. This image is then stored in a database and used to reproduce paper copies and provide viewable and printable imagery from our website.

The overall appearance of the final product is dependent on the quality and integrity of the original submittal. Therefore, we suggest you follow the following record of survey platting guidelines

  • Use black ink for text and line work (halftones and grayscales do not reproduce well).
  • Use black ink for Seal certification (many colors do not copy or reproduce well).
  • Use black ink for your Certification Seal (many colors do not reproduce well and are harder to read).
  • Use standard text fonts larger than 1/8 of an inch in height (small, thin, and fancy fonts tend to fade and are harder to read).
  • Attach each graphic or digital image separately.
  • Allow for a 2 inch x 5 inch area in the bottom right-hand corner of each plat or page for the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s document index filing number and other appropriate notes.

Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information.