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Salt Lake County's Plan to Reopen

Salt Lake County is committed to balancing the critical needs of both community health and economic stability of our residents. Thanks to the community’s support and cooperation with social distancing, we are seeing great progress. While we’re not able to claim victory quite yet, we are able to cautiously relax some of the business restrictions that we have in place.

We all want to get back to living life as we knew it, but to get there, social distancing, face coverings and other safe hygiene and interaction practices remain critical to our ongoing success.

Salt Lake County has worked with the State, other counties, our municipalities and the business community to develop action plans that will get employees back to work and residents back into the marketplace.

Utah's General Guidelines for Businesses

We're Open sign

High contact businesses can operate under strict protocols.

Dine Out Bag

Restaurant carryout or delivery encouraged. Dine-in services allowable with specific requirements.

Online Meeting

Offer Telework options whenever possible, following strict hygiene policies, and continue social distancing in the work place.

How Can Businesses Prepare?

Salt Lake County has amazing restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, personal service businesses, and entertainment venues. We have compiled detailed implemented guidelines for the four areas of business categories that have been most limited. Whether you're looking for guidance for your employees or a customer ready to get a haircut, there is important information below. Required employee and public signage is available at Salt Lake County Health Department.

Restaurants, Food Service Establishments, Bars, Food Trucks, Convenience Stores

Retail, including Grocery Stores, Pharmacy, Convenience Stores

Events, Cultural Arts & Entertainment (including Sporting Events, Concerts, Rodeos, Convention Centers, Theatres, Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Aviaries, Botanical Gardens, Libraries, Indoor Arenas)

Personal Services (including barbers, cosmetologists, body artists, nail technicians, tanning, etc.)

Gyms & Fitness Centers (including indoor recreation centers, yoga studios, dance, tumbling, indoor sports, etc.)

Construction, General Contractors & Manufacturing

General Employer (Intended for Use in All Industries)

Best Practices, Cleaning & Hygiene, Screening & Testing, and Monitoring Employee Symptoms

Four Essential Measures for Phased Reactivation


Stable rates of COVID-19 cases


Testing is available for all with COVID-19 symptoms


Hospitals are able to serve patients effectively and safely


Contact tracing is monitoring the majority of infections




Social Distancing Graphic - Two people six feet apart.



Social distancing is essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Please maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others at all times, including when:

Enjoying Parks & Trails
Ordering Food

Let’s Get Back to Some Level of Business - Just Six Feet Apart

Together we can find ways to get back to living life with a bit more familiarity. There is still plenty of work to be done, but with your help we can maintain our critical community health successes and see economic progress. Stay Informed. Stay Smart. Stay Safe.