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Property Tax Payment

Salt Lake County Treasurer

Steps to Pay Your Property Tax

Salt Lake County hopes that you find paying your property taxes online a quick and simple process. Before continuing please make sure that you have the following information readily available:

  • Salt Lake County Property Tax Notice
  • Account number for: Credit/Debit Card or Checking Account (Not a Deposit Slip)

Browser Requirements

To use the online payment system your web browser must meet the following conditions:

  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled
  • Must be capable of 128 bit encryption

Tax Payment Due Date

Current year taxes are due by November 30th. If November 30th is a weekend or holiday, payment is due by the following business day. Any payment postmarked, paid online, or in any other fashion must be finalized before midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST) on the due date to avoid deliquency and penalties.

The penalty for delinquent taxes is the greater of 2.5% or $10 for each parcel but will be reduced to 1% or $10 for each parcel if the penalty and balance due are paid in full by January 31st. (If January 31st is a weekend or holiday, payment is due by the following business day.) If a balance due remains after January 31st interest will also be added retroactively to January 1st.

Steps to Pay Your Property Tax

Step 1 – Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. (This page is Step 1)

Step 2 – Enter Parcel Number or use the Parcel Address lookup.

Step 3 – Review the taxes due and then add the parcel to your shopping cart.

  • During this step, a partial tax payment may be made by modifying the "amount to pay" pre-entered in the form.
  • Search for and Add any additional Parcels to Shopping Cart on this page.
  • NOTE: The shopping cart will hold up to 8 parcels total. Add all parcels/categories you wish to pay then proceed to check out.

Step 4 – Select Payment Type:

Choose your method of Payment. Salt Lake County accepts three forms of payment for paying online:

  1. * e-Check - Electronic check drawn against a checking account.
  2. ** Credit Card - Standard Credit Card.
  3. ** Debit Card - Any bank-issued debit card which draws on a checking account.

* Currently, utilizing the e-Check method is free.

** If you use a debit or credit card, the processing bank charges a separate fee from the tax payment.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Payment Type Fee Information
e-Check $0 Electronic check payment
Debit Cards 1% of the payment amount with a minimum fee of $1.95
Credit Cards

2.70% of the payment amount with a minimum fee of $1.95

Step 5 – Complete Payment Information - Fill in all fields accurately to prevent issues with your payment.

Step 6 – Verify and Finalize Payment - Review all details of contact, account information, and cart contents. Click on Finalize at the bottom to submit your payment.