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Tax Relief Applications

The Salt Lake County Treasurer is responsible for the administration of five statutory relief programs available in Salt Lake County.

Within each tax relief program there are specific eligibility requirements that must be met. The eligibility requirements may change from year to year.  Applicants must prove the eligibility requirements are met on an annual basis before tax relief can be granted.

In order to be considered for tax relief applicants are required to provide tax returns and other proofs of income, savings and investment statements, including retirement accounts, doctor's certifications and other relevant material.

If your principal residence is held in a trust and the Salt Lake County Tax Relief Division does not have a copy of your trust documents, or if you have made changes in your trust, please provide this information with your application.

Programs, General Requirements and Forms

Quick Descriptions

For more in-depth qualifications on any program name see PDF and contact with any additional questions..

  • Circuit Breaker (Age & Income )66 years old or surviving spouse with household income up to $35,807. 2022 Application Coming Soon.
  • Indigent- 65 years old or disabled with household income plus adjusted assets that do not exceed $35,807. 2022 Application Coming Soon.
  • Hardship - Extreme financial hardship at any age with adjusted household income plus assets that do not exceed $35,807.  This limit is increased by $4,540  for each household member. 2022 Application Coming Soon.
  • Veteran (Disability or Active Duty) Disability -Veterans with a service connected disability.  Also, the unmarried surviving spouse or minor-aged orphan of a deceased veteran who had a service-connected disability, was killed in action, or died in the line of duty.

    Active Duty - Over 200 days of consecutive federal active duty out of the state.  Please call the Salt Lake County Treasurer's Office for details at 385-468-8300 option 2.
  • Blind - Legally blind in both eyes or the unmarried surviving spouse or minor-aged orphan of a deceased blind person.

Treasurer Agency

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PO Box 144575
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575

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