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Taxpayer Services Entities

As you may have noticed on your property tax notice, it is comprised of several taxpayer service entities that support your geographic area.  In order to fund the taxpayer service provider's budgets, each entity receives revenue from property tax collections.

By statute, the Treasurer is an independent elected official because our customers span all of Salt Lake County.  These customers include all property taxpayers and the 72 entities that provide taxpayer services across all of Salt Lake County.  The Treasurer is the focal point for collecting and then distributing the over $1 billion for taxpayer services.  An interesting side note is that SLCo operations make up only ten (10) of those countywide entities.

The following is a brief description of what your property taxes are used for by tax entity category:

Schools - County Funds (16) & Statewide Fund (1)

County School Districts

Salt Lake

  Budget categories:

  • Operations - School operations
  • Capital Holdings - Capital expenditure equalization mandated of at least 0.0006
  • Charter Schools - Effective January 1, 2017, the Utah Legislature separated out funding from each school district and established a new charter school levy. This levy separation is meant to provide more transparency in school funding.  It is set by the Utah Legislature and is distributed based on charter school enrollment (similar to the State Basic School Levy)
  • *Jordan Schools Old Debt Service (Canyons Only) - Inherited Jordan School District bond payments for the buildings Canyons is now utilizing.  It only affects Canyons School District taxpayers.

Statewide School Districts:

  • State Basic School Levy - The state mandates SLCo taxpayers to contribute to other counties statewide based on per-pupil funding to ensure equitable education.
SLCo Operations & Services: (County Council Controlled)

Bond Debt Service
These funds payments of principal and interest on general obligation bonds for the construction of public buildings and capital projects which have been approved by a vote of the public. 

Capital Improvements
Funding for ongoing operational and maintenance needs and future growth requirements.

Clark Planetarium
This funds the Clark Planetarium operations.

Flood Control
Funding for countywide flood control programs.

General Fund
This funds the general operation of county government including, roads, recreation, economic development, public health, aging services, weed spraying, criminal prosecution, jail services, etc.

Government Immunity - SLCo
This funds the County's self-insurance program to cover litigation and potential liabilities.

Health Department
This funds the provision for countywide health services.

Library - County Services
Funds all County library operations outside of Murray and Salt Lake City library services. 

County Tax Administration
This funds the recording and assessment of properties, collection and distribution of property tax, tax relief, property tax appeals, legal representation, and other functions related to taxation.

Municipal Services - Unincorporated SLCo
Remaining unincorporated SLCo municipal services funding that are outside the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District.


City Services:

City funds can include various services like - Emergency Services, Parks & Recreation, Administrative Services, etc.  The Treasurer collects for and distributes to the following cities: 

City Libraries:
Water & Sewer Improvement Districts:


Mosquito Abatement Districts:
Multi-County Assessing & Collecting Equalization: (State Auditor Controlled)
SLCo taxpayers exclusively contribute to a fund for other counties in Utah who cannot fund their own tax assessment and collections.
Central Utah Water Conservancy District
These funds are for the Central Utah Water Conservancy Project.

Taxpayer service providing entities across the valley who have not been successful collecting from residents for services rendered, can certify those individuals to the County for collection.  This nonpayment then appears on the residents official tax notice from the County for collection.  Once collected it is then distributed to the certifying entity.

The Salt Lake County Treasurer collects and distributes these funds for the following 39 entities.

Treasurer Agency

2001 S State Street, #N1-200
PO Box 144575
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575

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P: 385-468-8300
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H: Monday-Friday 8AM - 5PM