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Water Library

File Size
Area-Wide Water Quality Management Plan 1978 23261 kB
208 Economic and Demographic Futures 1980_2080 2467 kB
Evaluation of Land Use and Bacterial Water Quality in Wasatch Mountain Streams 3346 kB
Hydraulic Analysis of Irrigation Canal Systems in Salt Lake County 1032 kB
Jordan River Fishery 2954 kB
Pollution Sources of the Major Salt Lake Valley Streams 378 kB
Technical Land Use Plan Wasatch Canyons 850 kB
Water Supply and Use, Status and Outlook 1292 kB
Town of Alta General Plan 2599 kB
Aquatic Ecosystem Inventory, Macroinvertebrate Analysis 1085 kB
The Economics of Watershed Protection 358 kB
Assessment of the Shallow Aquifer in Salt Lake Valley 4189 kB
Assessment of Salt Lake Valley Tributaries: Beneficial Use Impairment and Opportunities 5400 kB
Backcountry Program Watershed Report 2742 kB
Backcountry Program Watershed Report 2002 1726 kB
Backcountry Program Watershed Report 2004 2234 kB
Big Cottonwood Creek Fish Habitat Survey 1997 27 kB
Big Cottonwood Creek Stream Survey Report 598 kB
Big Cottonwood Canyon Home Waste Disposal Assessment 1530 kB
Birds of Brighton and Parleys Park 5148 kB
The Best Management Practices for the Management and Protection of Wester Riparian Stream Ecosystems 1847 kB
Channel Stability Evaluation and Stream Reach Inventory 2887 kB
Corner Canyon Creek Channel Stability Evaluation 5841 kB
Utah Division of Water Quality's 2006-2007 Annual Monitoring Program 3818 kB
Ecological Characterization and Functional Evaluation of Sub Alpine and Lower Montane Wetlands in the Albion Basin Region of Utah 3052 kB
Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan 4385 kB
Emigration Canyon Township Community General Plan 9934 kB
Fishery and Macro Invertebrate Studies of the Jordan River in Salt Lake County 2301 kB
Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters 845 kB
History of the Salt Lake Aqueduct 1068 kB
Jordan River Drainage Management, Hydrologic Unit 16020204 609 kB
Jordan River Channel Stability Evaluation 2612 kB
Jordan River Corridor Conceptual Master Plan, the Narrows to 11800 South 4730 kB
Jordan River Corridor Proposal 2084 kB
Jordan River Fisheries Evaluation 680 kB
Fisheries Investigations of the Lower Jordan River 1295 kB
Jordan River Nature Park: A Plan for Urban Wildlife Habitat 3676 kB
Jordan River Nonpoint Source Management Plan for Hydrologic Modifications 6050 kB
Jordan River Stability Plan 1992 1 4005 kB
Jordan River Stability Plan 1992 3 Appendix 4019 kB
Jordan River Terrestrial Wildlife Inventory Proposed Lampton Reservoir Area Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project 2293 kB
Jordan River Study, EPA 1759 kB
Jordan River Sub-Basin Watershed Management Council, Consolidated Jordan River Corridor Vision Statement 331 kB
Jordan River Wetland Acquisition and Management Plan 3438 kB
Jordan River Wetlands Advance Identification Study 2909 kB
Jordan River Wetland Wildlife Evaluation 2295 kB
Jordan River Water Quality Total Maximum Daily Load Assessment 7778 kB
Landcover Descriptions for the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project 2340 kB
Level 2 Stream Morphology Classification of the Jordan River in Support of the Jordan River Channel Restoration Project 8245 kB
Loading and Attenuation of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Emigration Creek 939 kB
Little Cottonwood Creek Stream Survey Report 855 kB
Methods of Assessing Instream Flows for Recreation 901 kB
Mill Creek Fish Species Survey 616 kB
Mill Creek Restoration Project Phase 2: Streambank Stabilization Interim Project Report 9306 kB
The Pollutional Degradation of the Jordan River as Shown by Aquatic Invertebrates 4291 kB
Pollution Mitigation in Emigration Canyon 1284 kB
R1 and R4 (Northern-Intermountain Regions) Fish and Fish Habitat Standard Inventory Procedures Handbook 16887 kB
Riparian Zone Management Plan for the Salt Lake Valley Tributaries 1714 kB
Rule R317-2. Standards of Quality for Waters of the State 279 kB
Section 305B, Water Quality Assessment Update for the Jordan River Sub-Basin 1275 kB
Salt Lake County area-Wide Water Study 3800 kB
Salt Lake County Area-Wide Water Study 2 8567 kB
Salt Lake County Area-Wide Water Study 3 919 kB
Chapter 17.08 Flood Control Facilities 35 kB
Southwest Canal and Creek Study 6037 kB
Salt Lake City 1999 Watershed Plan 3566 kB
Salt Lake City Watershed Management Programs: 1847-1997 1013 kB
Soil and Hydrology of Albion Basin Wetlands 3762 kB
Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project, Final Report on Land Cover Mapping Methods 683 kB
Stream Reach Inventory and Channel Stability Evaluation 563 kB
Study of Attitudes About the Salt Lake County Watershed 12263 kB
Watershed Planning and Restoration and Stormwater Education Program, 2010 Public Education Survey 3391 kB
A Technical Manual for Landowners, Loggers and Resource Managers 1468 kB
Utah Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Plan 1351 kB
Wasatch Canyons Master Plan 7842 kB
Water Reuse in Utah 5075 kB
Western Bench General Plan, Chapters 1-3 6846 kB
Western Bench General Plan, Chapter 4-Goals, Objectives and Policies 8731 kB
Western Bench General Plan, Chapter 5-Implementation 1826 kB
Revised Forest Plan Wasatch-Cache National Forest 507 kB
Salt Lake County Water Quality and Pollution Control 3230 kB