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2015 Integrated Watershed Plan

The 2015 Salt Lake County Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP)  is the 6-year update to the 2009 Salt Lake Countywide Water Quality Stewardship Plan.

The Integrated Watershed Plan  does not reiterate all of the baseline information in the 2009 Plan, but rather updates data and information to better address ongoing area-wide water quality planning and watershed planning. 

By focusing on the overriding goal of improving watershed functions and providing high-quality surface waters that support the national Clean Water Act goals of fishable and swimmable waters, the Integrated Watershed Plan provides:

  • An updated Section 208 plan
  • An updated watershed plan
  • A roadmap to guide Salt Lake County’s watershed improvement
2015 IWP cover

“…provides a framework of goals and policies that will forge water quality stewardship consistent with the Clean Water Act and the representative needs of local residents.”

Plan Update Process

The 2015 IWP identifies whether and how resource conditions, or the applicable resource regulations, have changed since the 2009 Plan was adopted. Some conditions have changed very little or not at all (soils and geology, groundwater, and geomorphology) and are incorporated by reference into the 2015 IWP but not addressed directly.

The plan update process included the following tasks:

  • Review  the 15 priority implementation recommendations called for in the 2009 Plan, and evaluated the projects completed from 2009 through 2015;
  • Update the current watershed conditions to reflect changes since 2009;

  • Add new plan components to address current and salient issues within Salt Lake County, including: climate change, the energy-water nexus, and environmental justice;
  • Include pilot studies to dig deeper into issues affecting water quality and watershed challenges;
  • Identify 14 new priority implementation recommendations for the next 10-year planning cycle. 

Salt Lake County will update the Integrated Watershed Plan every 10 years, or sooner if needed.

Plan Approval Letters

To receive a printed copy of the 2015 Integrated Watershed Plan, please use this form to send us your request.