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2014 Watershed Symposium

Wasatch Institute of Technology students checking in on Day 1 


The primary goal of the Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium is to bring together water quality experts, policy makers, environmental advocates, industry, academics, students, and the public to further research, foster collaboration, and provide a forum for networking opportunities.

The buzz during the 8th Annual Watershed Symposium was attendance by the entire student body of Wasatch Institute of Technology students, a charter high school! Half of the students on Day 1 and the other half on Day 2. 



Field Trips

Continuing Education (CEU)

The Watershed Symposium received course accreditation from the Utah Water Operator Certification Program.

  • November 19: 0.4 credits
  • November 20: 0.4 credits
  • November 21: 0.2 credits