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Planning for change is critical. With growth there comes increasing needs for water, roads, housing, schools, employment, and more. Salt Lake County is continually planning for the needs of current and future generations. Much of the new development in Salt Lake County is happening in the western areas along the Oquirrh Mountains.

Salt Lake County is preparing a long-range plan called the West  General Plan for the unincorporated areas of the west.

Read the Draft West General Plan


Salt Lake County released a first draft of the West General Plan on January 8, 2022.

Salt Lake County envisions safe and beautiful places for current and future generations to live, work, and recreate. The County’s vision for the diverse areas within the West General Plan is to plan for:
• Enduring communities
• Vibrant town and village centers
• Employment opportunities
• Preserving open spaces


The January 28, February 8, and March 18, 2022 draft updates include the following changes:

  • Grammatical changes throughout the document
  • Updates of definitions based on legal review (pgs. 28-31)
  • Overpressure areas map reverted to previous map to match County ordinance (pg. 41)
  • Addition of updating overpressure ordinances and maps following research (Goal C. Strategy A. pg. 51)
  • Transportation maps (pgs. 70-72 explaining WFRC process and that Oquirrh View Boulevard is post-mining)
  • The addition of "County and State parks" under conservation tools (pg. 81)
  • Yellow Fork/Rose Canyon picture added (pg. 81)
  • Antelope Island picture added (pg. 82)
  • Hard rock mining history clarification (pg. 84)
  • Critical Lands/Sensitive Lands map update showing areas disturbed by mining and areas that have been reclaimed (pg. 86)
  • Division of Water Resources (DWR) water conservation goal (last paragraph on pg. 96)
  • Addition of strategy to collaborate on infrastructure planning (Goal A Strategy V pg. 128)
  • Addition of older overpressure maps for reference (Appendix S)
  • Herriman boundary change due to Olympia development annexation
  • Copperton Metro Township Annexation boundary added to Appendix A

Video: Salt Lake County Engaging with the Community to Draft the West General Plan