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Cub Scout Patch

Wheeler Historic Farm has a Wheeler Historic Farm Walk Cub Scout Patch. The requirements can be completed in about one hour. The patch is available at Boy Scout headquarters. Cub Scouts may earn their patch by completing the following requirements with their Den, Pack or Family:

  • Bring a garbage bag and gather litter. Put the bag in a trashcan.
  • Attend the milking session (optional) @5:00 PM. 50¢ for Scouts and leaders earning their patch Regular fee $1 per person to view the demonstration.
  • Answer the following questions:
What breeds of horses are on the farm?
Quarter Horses and Belgian Horses.
We have two Belgian Draft horses, Dodge and Dixie. In the early 1900’s they would have been used to pull wagons and plow fields.
Name three pieces of farm machinery.
Thresher, Manure Spreader and Potato Planter.
These items are in the Machinery Barn, located east of the cow pastures. Other items can be found throughout the property.
What were the ponds used for in the winter of 1900?

Ice Harvesting. Just like in the movie "Frozen", Ice was cut in the ponds and used for refrigeration. It was stored in the Ice House to be used year-round.

Ponds were also popular for Ice Skating.

Historically, on a working farm, what members of the family would take care of the chickens and rabbits?
Women and children
What color eggs do the Plymouth Rock (black/brown speckled) chickens lay?
Brown (red)
What were Looms used for at the turn of the Twentieth Century?
Weaving rugs, blankets, and fabric for clothing
List the names of baby animals:
  • Cow: calf
  • Sheep: lamb
  • Turkey: poult
  • Chicken: chick
  • Pig: piglet
  • Horse: foal
How many gallons of milk can a Holstein (black and white) cow produce in a day?
Some can produce up to 10 gallons a day

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