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FRF Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions people ask when learning about Family Resource Facilitators.  If you have additional questions or would like to inquire about working with an FRF, please contact Mary Gully - Phone: 385-468-4548 / Email

What is a Family Resource Facilitator?

A Family Resource Facilitators (FRF) is a person who listens to your struggles and provides help, support, and guidance as you and your child/youth work toward independence in your life.

Who do FRFs work with?

Family Resource Facilitators work with parents and/or primary caregivers who have children ages 5 to 18, or ages 18 to 26 if the child/youth still lives at home and/or has not graduated from high school.  The child/youth must be experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges which are resulting in trouble at school, with the law and/or that put the child/youth at risk of out of home placement.

How can an FRF help me?

A Family Resource Facilitator can help you find and connect with needed resources, advocate for you and your child at school, in court, with mental health providers, etc.  He/she will also help you and your child to identify and prioritize your goals and needs.  All interactions are strength based, family driven, youth guided, and solution oriented.

How do I get an FRF?

Salt Lake County has a team of Family Resource Facilitators working for the Division of Youth Services.  You can contact Mary Gully at 801-631-1086 / Email for information about the program.

What will FRF services cost?

There is no cost associated with this program.

How long do FRF services last?

There is no set timeline for services.